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Your Store’s Future Depends On Its Online Presence

The Future Arrived. Have you welcomed it?

Much like a tsunami, a tornado, or an in-law, the future can’t be stopped. Retail is in cyberspace.  To stay competitive, retailers are hopping online like cats in boxes. Being online isn’t enough though.

You need an online presence that helps (and delights) your potential customers. When that potential customer becomes a paying customer, the relationship has only just begun. It needs to be cultivated with worthwhile emails and/or loyalty programs.

After all, having a website or a social media page is a basic expectation, your ticket to entry that shows you exist.  Real, relevant, and up-to-date information is what your customers want.  They’ll be impressed (and woo’d) by the retailer that provides them the omni-channel experience they’re looking for. That’s where we come in.

Your Time is Valuable

Money and Time

You’ve got a full schedule. You’re superhero-ing all over your stores, putting out fires, and saving townsfolk (we don’t know what your hobbies are). When are you going to fit in a new webpage? How are you going to manage your online presence? Are you remembering to send each new customer an email? Well, you don’t have to! PayGo can help you handle it all with our WooCommerce and Mailchimp integrations.

Sell online with PayGoCart

We make competing with the big brick and mortars on the block easy with PayGoCart. It’s PayGo’s integration with WooCommerce, the shopping cart solution that powers over 1/3 of all online stores. PayGoCart lets you add, remove, and change inventory in your PayGo point of sale software and have it show up in your online store. When people purchase online, it updates your on hand counts as well. All without having to get up, or stop eating (don’t think we don’t see you, working-break takers). It gives your potential customers the real, relevant, and up-to-date information they want.

Do you have an existing website? No problem! You can link WooCommerce to your current site. 

WooCommerce Has Plenty of Goodies

It’s pretty darn impressive on its own, but there’s more! WooCommerce has tons of extensions to improve your store functionality. Since WooCommerce works with WordPress, you have even more options to make your online shop work for you and your customers. When your shoppers love shopping your site, your online presence is lifted by search engines, because your website is being useful.

Please note: Given the vast amount of extensions created by developers across the world, it is not possible for PayGoCart to work with every single one of them out of the box. If there’s an extension that’s important to you, please ask your salesperson if it works with PayGo. We built our business on creating custom solutions for customers, so there’s a pretty good chance our developers can make what you want work. It may cost a bit more and take us a little more time.

Start Emailing Receipts

PayGoEM Email Receipts
You can save money on paper and ink, reduce waste, and improve your email marketing process with PayGoEM. Your customers will appreciate having less clutter in their purses, wallets, and pockets. If you host classes and events, you can automate email reminders to your customers. Do you do bids / quotes? Email them to your customers using PayGoEM.

Need Help Staying Consistent on Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

PayGo - Malchimp

PayGoMC and PayGoMK to the rescue!

PayGoMC is our integration with Mailchimp. When you have it, your marketing list will automatically update as you run your business with PayGo. Simple. Easy. The way business should be.

PayGo MK is our automated marketing service. We can help you set up a campaign of follow-up emails in Mailchimp, to keep your new customer stoked about shopping your store. Every time a new customer is added to your email list, it’ll automatically kick in. No additional effort required.

Now is the time. Do something mighty! Chat with us online, schedule a phone consultation, or drop us a line at with any questions you might have.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer a Merchant Account integration, a WooCommerce integration, Digital Marketing Services, and more.