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It's a Wine Finder!

Enhance your customer’s wine shopping experience

Discussing dinner, dessert, and one’s general taste preferences with a your most wine savvy salesperson who can recommend the perfect wine creates a fantastic shopping experience. Once the bottle is opened, poured, and enjoyed, if the recommendation was adored, the satisfied customer is likely to come back through your door to buy more – either of what they enjoyed or to look for the next amazing recommendation.

Only so many wine experts and only so much time to communicate with each customer exists during store hours. Newer employees may struggle to make recommendations and some employees strengths may be in different areas. When the sommelier or the employee who is the biggest wine fan is out of the store, the ability to make great recommendations often leaves with them.

With Wineder, your expert Wine Finder is always in-store!

Showcase your wine inventory and make recommendations via an iPad-based kiosk. Link it live to your PayGo POS (or current POS) system through a secure connection on your network, so that your customers are viewing selections based on what you have in-stock. Through the kiosk, customers can manage their own information and see their sales history. Ever have a customer forget the name of that amazing wine he (or a loved one) enjoyed so much? They can find it on Wineder ™ , your store’s wine finding solution.

  • Wineder is a customer-facing wine kiosk for the iPad. It’s an in-house wine finding app that links up with your inventory. It saves time, makes money, and increases customer loyalty!
  • Wineder interfaces with PayGo Solo’s POS (or can be tweaked to work with your store’s current POS solution).
  • Wineder is fully customizable for the independent retailer! Add buttons, fields, questions, pictures, and more!


The Menu Screen is the starting point. It’s simple and straightforward. If there’s a look you’d prefer, we can EASILY customize it to your preferences.  


Above is the Varietal Selection Screen. The available options pictured are just that – options. We can modify those to match what you want to make available to your customers. You best know what your customers want.


Upon selecting a varietal, your customer will be presented with a list of available and matching inventory. They can filter selections by Price Range, Region, and Food Pairings.


With the Wine Customer Keeper, you’ll have the ability to give your customers an easy way to manage their wine likes and sales history.


Here’s that sales history screen so you can better serve those returning guests who loved the recommendation your staff first provided to them with a little help from Wineder, your store’s wine finder!

How Do You Get This?

You can give us a call at 866-545-7047 ext.1, send an email to or start up a chat here! We’ll answer all of your questions and make sure you fully understand what Wineder can do for you.


PayGo Wineder requires PayGo running on FileMaker Pro 17 and FileMaker Go 17 for the iPad. Users can connect to host computer running PayGo via an iPad running FileMaker Go 17. Purchase of the PayGo Wineder includes installation assistance of up to 1 hour. Purchase also includes one free hour of customization assistance. Customizations requests must be made prior to any work performed. Customizations taking longer than an hour will be quoted prior to any work performed. Terms of Service do apply. The Wineder may be restricted for wine stores in the state of New York.