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What’s popping up now? Pop-up shops!

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Who doesn’t love a food truck? Nobody, that’s who. And if anyone tells you differently, it’s just because they hate joy and sunshine and paper plates. But you know better. You know that there’s nothing more fun than taking the show on the road, meeting new people, finding new markets, and possibly solving mysteries in small towns all across America. And you want in on that action.

Pictured: sweet, delicious freedom

But how do you fund your wild, weird and conveniently mess-free adventure if you are not currently in possession of a food truck? Easy! You start up your very own pop-up shop.

Pop-up shops are becoming an increasingly trendy and profitable way to offer your store up to new markets and new customers (preferably on a beach somewhere). The idea of packing up your store and hitting the road may be a bit daunting, but PayGo’s WebDirect Cloud-Based system makes it a snap to go out and sell wherever the road may take you (unless the road takes you to some sort of creepy abandoned mansion, in which case, your best bet is going to be a bunch of quirky mystery-solvers in a van).

Why should you try out a pop-up shop?

It’s a great way to test new markets. Have you been toying with the idea of adding a new niche or product line? Want to open another store, but you’re not sure about the location yet? A pop-up store is a good way to test the waters and see how well your new revenue stream will fare. And if the location you try doesn’t work, no worries! Just move on to the next spot.

It’s relatively inexpensive. You can create a pop-up store for the cost of prorated storefront rent, fees for a booth or tent at an event, or you can create your own “mobile store” in a camper, truck or trailer. The only limit is your imagination (well, your imagination and local ordinances, presumably).

A pop-up shop means you can bring your store directly to your customers. Increased mobility means that you can go where the crowds are, from community events and conventions to holiday bashes to tourist locations.

Your new customer base

It’s a great way to go fishing for new customers. There are customers who don’t know how awesome your stores are yet. But you can fix that! With the pop-up shop and a little help from PayGo WebDirect, you can bring the store to them, and get their contact information so they’ll know where you are and what you’re selling all the time.

The numbers don’t lie. There’s a goldmine of information for you to tap into when you take your shop and PayGo WebDirect to new places. You can narrow down your product line to see what’s selling best, and you can concentrate on what times and places are best for sales. That data is going to prove invaluable for future decision-making about where your store is heading. As long it’s not heading back to that creepy mansion.

The temporary nature of pop-up shops can create a sense of urgency with your customers. If you’ll only be in a certain place for a certain time, customers are more likely to make their purchases now, rather than waiting for a sale or shopping online.

It’s excellent advertising for your online or brick-and-mortar shops. Think of a pop-up shop like a billboard, except that it’s actively generating revenue for your business.

It’s a good way to let your creativity shine. Because of the versatility and increased visibility of the small pop-up, you can get a bit wild and crazy with your visual merchandising. It’s a great way to catch some new eyes and new customers, so go all-out!

Need some pop-up inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page!

Ready to demo PayGo WebDirect? Click Here and select the WebDirect version of the demo. We do offer special pricing for pop-up shops. For accurate pricing information, please call our Sales Team at 866-545-7047 ext. 1 or email

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