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What’s Better Than A Misson to Mars? PayGoCC!

Running Credit Cards in FileMaker Pro is Not Rocket Science.

Shouldn’t it be super easy to integrate your FileMaker Solution with a credit card machine? Take ApplePay and Samsung Pay? Well, now it is!

Designed to work with your FileMaker Pro app, PayGoCC is the simple and free (!!!) credit card processing solution that securely handles your store’s credit card charges with minimal chance for human error. No more entering incorrect credit card numbers, no charging errors, and no explosions (unless that’s your brand and product, in which case there will be many glorious explosions).

PayGoCC is PCI and EMV compliant, and it works with FileMaker Pro 16, 17 or 18 solutions. It’s powered by Payment Logistics in order to minimize liabilities due to unexpected snafus, mess ups or other colorfully-worded errors. It keeps your customer’s credit card information where it should be: between the customer and their credit card company, and not on any of your software. 

But why does it pay to use PayGoCC?


Because of Mars!


Think waaaay back to the late 90’s. NASA had just built and launched the Mars Climate Orbiter, which was supposed to orbit Mars and study its climate, just like it says on the label. It came at a cost of $125 million, which in Nineties dollars was equal to roughly three space-based movie production budgets.

But just as the Orbiter was about to enter Mars’s atmosphere, there was a bit of a problem. Turns out, there is more than one way to measure science stuff. When you combine metric and US units of measurement in the middle of space, things go wonky in a big way. Instead of an epic slide into a Mars orbit groove and the discovery of little green men in saucers, angry Martian monsters, or good old-fashioned hyper-intelligent time traveling dinosaurs (which I think we can all agree we deserved from a mission to Mars), we were treated to failure of the worst and most humbling kind:


Simple human error.

The Orbiter screwed up its trajectory calculations and was lost forever, having either been destroyed while entering Mars’s atmosphere, flung back out into space, or shot down by Mars’s invisible spacecraft-detecting laser grid. We still don’t know for sure so it could very equally be any of those three possibilities. And that very easily-overlooked numerical error cost NASA hundreds of millions of dollars in a lost spaceship, along with whatever economical and cultural benefits all of humanity would have gotten from contact with aliens and the subsequent big-budget alien movie.

Meaning, it is the fault of several literal rocket scientists who overlooked a simple error in the 90’s that you will never be able to see that moderately successful summer blockbuster rerunning on heavily-edited basic cable. 

You know what doesn’t make errors like mistaken unit calculations, embarrassing PR conferences or (probably) alien-related space crashes?


PayGo CC!

It’s easier to implement than you first day of math in first grade. It will destroy any chance of payment processing errors. It’s so easy, rocket scientists just mumble in disgust when they see it. It takes just one hour to plug into your own FileMaker system! ONLY ONE HOUR!

Ready to give PayGoCC a start? Click the Need Help button right down in the corner of your screen or give us a call at 866-545-7047 ext. 1 to get started!