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What’s a Weirdo and What do they Win?

What’s a weirdo?

Weirdo. Aka the W-Bomb. The word has an unfair reputation as a schoolyard slight. That’s why PayGo Headquarters is reclaiming it. We define weirdo as an innovator, a maverick, and someone whose passion and drive sets them apart from the rest of the world. Prone to incessantly talking about their life-as-we-know-it altering ideas, they may possibly be no fun at parties. We love weirdos as they are.

History of the W-Bomb

The W-bomb hasn’t always been negative. Back when herds of wild Shakespeares roamed the earth digging up jester skulls and pontificating all over everything, weirdo meant something very different. It was Olde English for “fate,” and often used to describe the supernatural.

We don’t think that’s a coincidence!

Our customers pull magic out of thin air, turning their beautifully weird ideas into brick and mortar stores that profit. They build businesses that people love just as much as they do. The retailers we work with add to their community and make the world a bit better (and weirder) than it was before.

Some PayGo customers prefer to express themselves through the beauty of a well-organized spreadsheet, others like the grace of a color-coordinated merchandise display. Who are we kidding? Many of you get amazingly enthusiastic about both.

Who else is going to sort out the optimal floor plan for customer flow during the PTA’s next bake sale, if not you?

PayGo Hearts Weirdos

We understand spending hours and hours of your own free time researching the best display types for your products. And we heard about that one family dinner when you were so excited about your new product line you couldn’t stop interrupting your aunt while she was talking about her most recent foot surgery. For the record, Aunt Sandra, they’re both terrible dinner topics.

Simply put, we love our weirdos.

Weirdos are Winners

That’s why we’ve created the Weirdos Win contest! No sonnet required. Writing one might bring back the Shakespeare herds and pontification is such a chore to get out of upholstery. Be as creative or direct as you’d like. Make sure to let your weird light shine bright. A few lucky winners will get some sweet, sweet PayGo cash (which, coincidentally, is how our paychecks are labeled).

Go forth and be weird!