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Weirdos have hot breakfast for the win in February!

Hot Breakfast Main Photo

Why is February so awesome?

Hint: It’s definitely not the weather.

Well, as we all know, it’s National Hot Breakfast month! May your eggs be cheesy and your maple syrup flow like a mighty river. I’ve been told that there’s also some holiday this month with hearts and chocolate. Back to breakfast! After all, it is the most important meal of the day and deserves to be celebrated. May your bacon be crispy.

That’s not why we’re excited though! Well, we would never minimize the wholesome joy of a toasty waffle.

Hot Breakfast Waffles

Yet, there’s more that makes February fantastic.

February is PayGo’s official Weirdo Month!

We’re celebrating it with the Weirdos Win contest! We want to hear all about the crazy-ambitious brilliant ideas you have that’ll make your retail or restaurant business the best and most successful it can be short of handing out free pancakes at the cash wrap (unless that’s your business model, in which case you do you).

Hot Breakfast Pancakes

The winner gets special discounts, free publicity, and several heart emojis personally tweeted by our CEO on the time and date of your choosing. Speaking of Twitter, did you know that we’re on there? Follow us at @paygopos.

We know sharing your ideas can be tough if you’re a weirdo in a non-weird world. We’ve been there, man. Don’t worry, you’re in the company of weirdos! Specifically, ours.

How long have we been weird?

PayGo was launched in February of 2002, an anniversary we celebrate with a build-your-own-omelette bar, as is tradition for Hot Breakfast Month. Over the last seventeen years we’ve hand-tailored software solutions for scores of successful businesses across North America and in a few countries around the world. Those businesses were once just a fuzzy outline of a dream, created by passion. They were built on the principle that weird is different and different is good. So were we.

We know the joy of flipping that open sign for the first time. That feeling right there? That’s the taste of success – it tastes like bacon, for the record. Bacon cooked with love, for you, by the universe. We’ve adapted our own business with the help of friendly weirdos with big ol’ brains and unique ways of looking at the world.

What kind of weirdo is our point of sale software for?

Our software is built for our kind of weirdos. It’s built for restaurateurs who retail merchandise too and need their point of sale software to coordinate seamlessly between retail, kitchens, bars, staff, and diners. For the eco-conscious eliminators of clutter who have marketing savvy, we provide the option to do paperless receipts. Our time-crunched weirdos who are busy thinking big thoughts use our Automated Marketing service. We’ve also learned how to cook perfectly crispy French toast, which has proved invaluable in the point-of-sale market. We streamline, simplify and flex our software to suit our customers, not the other way around.

We support weirdos.

Because when weirdos support weirdos, everyone wins.

Don’t forget to eat your breakfast.