Hey Weirdo!
Weirdos Are The Best.
Are You One?

You might be a weirdo if:


You doodle ideas on napkins, because your ideas don’t have time to wait for paper.


You obsess about every little detail of your business and you enjoy the obsessing.


You often hear, “That’s not how you’re supposed to do it.” That’s right, because you’re not about to do it like everyone else.

At PayGo, we support the guy who keeps talking about product during Thanksgiving dinner. We help the detail-obsessed gal who won’t rest until the floor display is her kind of right. We’re proud to work for our weirdos.

Do people look at you with befuddlement when you tell them about your big plan?

If so, you could win free PayGo software, you lucky weirdo! Our software is built to help world-shifters like you manage new ways of doing retail. We’re always on the hunt for audacious movers disrupting the retail world.

How can you win? By telling us your grandiose, game-changing plan!

We’re on a critical weirdo-finding mission and we need your help. Once we find a weirdo, we provide them the amazingness they want and need. Are you the weirdo we’re looking for?

We’ve created some dandy giveaways to help a few lucky retail pioneers. Take some time to submit your info below and we’ll pick a winner by February’s end. You don’t have to give us every teeny-tiny detail. A basic understanding of what you’re wanting to do will suffice. What happens if we pick your plan? New customers can win a $500 credit to use on their PayGo purchase. Already a PayGo customer? Great! You can win a $500 credit to use on a block of project development time.

The Weirdos Win Contest (for future and current PayGo Customers)

Terms and Conditions: Disclaimer - Must be or become a PayGoBlue Member. This promotion cannot be used with any other Christian James, Inc. promotion or discount. Entries must be received by February 22, 2019. One New PayGo user winner will be chosen and awarded $500 off of their first year of PayGo. One existing PayGo customer will be awarded a $500 credit toward a block of development time. Basic details of your project as well as your name and company will be used in various PayGo marketing pieces.