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Upgrade Your Binders with Custom PayGo Software Solutions

Let’s talk about binders.

Science estimates that the average service-based store or business runs on approximately twelve thousand binders a year. Chances are, you have no fewer than three binders within arm’s reach at this very moment. And there are probably even more nearby, lurking in filing cabinets or shoved haphazardly onto shelves or hidden under floorboards, waiting for someone to hear the tell-tale flutter of loose-leaf office paper.

Over my long and storied service career, from boutique to art gallery to café, the one thing that has remained constant throughout all has been the prolific use of, and reliance upon, binders. And while they serve a purpose, I think we can all agree that they’re far from ideal. They’re easily misplaced or damaged. They shed papers like it’s autumn in Nantucket. They’re inefficient and inconsistent. They fall victim to poor penmanship; I know I’ve played my part in more than one binder-based handwritten miscommunication over the years. They get worn out and dirty and if you have any left-handed employees I can assure you from painful experience that binders are the bear trap of office supplies for lefties.

We’ve made it to 2020. We’re living in the future! It’s time to say goodbye to binders.

Sure, they’ve served their purpose for years (along with their underprotected and fragile cousins, the spiral notebook and manila folder), but so did the car you drove in high school. It may have shed rust like snakeskin, and the windshield wipers turned on every time you hit a bump, and you had to keep the volume above 15 so you wouldn’t have to address that weird grinding noise from the back end, but it served its purpose. Right until you upgraded, that is, when you got a better, more efficient car. Then you kissed that old rust bucket goodbye (hopefully the tetanus has cleared up by now) and you didn’t look back (because of the tetanus).

PayGo can build you the upgrade you’re looking for!

Your PayGo software comes with the capacity to customize and adapt to all of your binder-based needs. Do you have a special scheduling binder?PayGo can help you design and implement the perfect non-binder-based system built entirely on your own specs and needs, all built onto your existing software. Maybe you have a very specific purchase ordering or pricing system. PayGo can bring that system right off the page and build it onto your computer. Disorganized paper records and receipts? Just ask, and PayGo can customize a record keeping system that conforms to your needs!

No more hassle, no more disorganization, no more paper cuts. Just efficient, coordinated software.

Interested? Let us know what you need!

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