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Unlock your Point-of-Sale Potential with POS Software Customization

One of the best things about your PayGo point-of-sale software is that it’s more than just a program that keeps track of your business. It’s your virtual employee, your personal assistant and your very own secret weapon. 

Because the magic of your PayGo POS isn’t just in what it is.


The magic is in what it can be.

 But what does that even mean? I hear you asking, even though my doctor has assured me it’s just a side effect of the medication and will go away in a few days. And more importantly, what does that have to do with me?

It means that your point-of-sale software is designed to incorporate custom-built software solutions that grow and evolve along with your business, no matter what direction your business may be growing.

You see, we have a whole colony of highly-trained software folk who are ready to make your PayGo software do whatever you need it to do to keep you competitive and profitable. We keep them in a large tank, and twice a day we feed them flavored coffee and microwave burritos. On Sundays we walk them. They get very confused in natural light.

The point is, they’re sitting at their stations right now with their ironic cubicle decor and their labyrinth of cables and cords, waiting to help you make your POS software perform beyond your wildest dreams! Provided, that is, that your wildest dreams involve efficient, streamlined and multifunctional retail software customized to fit your needs. We don’t know how you dream.

PayGo knows that every business is different, and not every business need can be covered in an off-the-rack POS solution. We also know that “endlessly customizable” can be a bit of an open-ended suggestion, and it can be hard to figure out where to start. So we’ve come up with this handy set of guidelines:

What PayGo can do:

Expand your POS software to work across different platforms, in mobile or desktop capacities. Need to track sales, products and services all over the world and across different devices? We can build it for you!

What PayGo cannot do:

Catering. We’re terrible cooks. Half of us have lost breakroom microwave privileges. We’re no longer allowed to hold company barbecues.

What PayGo can do:

Use your requirements and preferences to build you a detailed, information-heavy accounting, scheduling and tracking software system that can cover invoices, meetings, consultations, sales pitches, quilting bees, flash mobs and whatever else your schedule-tracking heart desires, all cross-indexed and easily searchable.

What PayGo cannot do:

Bioengineer an army of helpful scheduling gremlins that will assist your employees, do light housekeeping and go on coffee runs. We’ve tried, but the science just isn’t there yet.

What PayGo can do:

Take your current software needs and limitations, combine them with your vision for your ideal POS system and create, just for you, the perfect software solution for your business, even if you haven’t thought of what that solution might be yet. We’re good like that.

What PayGo cannot do:

Read minds. Yet. But we can still help!

Have you come up with some good software ideas? Or maybe just an inkling? Either way, we want to hear from you! Just fill out the form below or give us a call at 866-545-7047 x 1, and we’ll make your software work for you!

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