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Transferring Inventory Between Sites [Stores]

PayGo has the ability to track inventory in multiple locations and because of that, you also have the ability to move inventory between sites.

A few important notes:

1. To transfer an item OUT of a site, you must create a Site Transfer from a workstation designated at the ORIGINAL site.
2. You can NOT transfer IN an item from another site.
3. When you transfer an item OUT of a site, it leaves the site at the time you Commit the Transfer.
4. When you transfer an item IN to a site, you must first receive it before it appears in the on-hand total of the site.

To transfer inventory OUT, do the following:

1. From the Menu Screen, click on Site Transfer. You will be brought to the Company Inventory Transfers screen.
2. Click on New Transfer. A Transfer Out screen will appear.
3.  Under the Transfer to Site section, choose a Site [Store] that you will be transferring the item(s) to.
4. Next, in the Find Inventory Box, search for the items to transfer by entering in the Item ID, SKU, UPC or name to find the item.
5. If one match is found, that item will be added to the Transfer. If there are multiple matches, you will be presented with a list of matches in which you can click the items you want to add to the Transfer.

When all desired items are added to the transfer, you can Commit or Commit & Print. At this time, all items on the transfer will be taken out of your current site and put in a Pending Transfer In status for the target site.

To Receive (or Transfer In) the items, you must be on a workstation which is configured to belong to the Target site.

To transfer inventory IN, do the following:

1. From the Menu Screen, click on Site Transfers. On the right side of the window, you should see the Inventory Incoming Transfers. Click the View icon to enter the Transfer.
2. To receive the item(s), you can click the Receive All button on the top of the screen, or you can manually enter the Received qty on the individual line of the Transfer.
3. When you are complete, you must click on Post to finalize the transfer. At this time, all On Hand counts will be updated  for the current targeted site and the transfer will be finalized.

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