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11 Things That Only Crafters Understand

We’re just a bit different.

1. We see the potential in everything.

There’s no such thing as junk. There are only projects waiting for inspiration.


2. The smell of a craft store is practically a drug.

It’s what heaven must smell like…

via someecards

3. No one really understands what we do.

It’s because we do everything, TBH.

4. It’s a great stress reliever.


5. We tend to hurt ourselves a lot.

It’s all part of the process.

6. Glitter has become a part of daily life.

It’s everywhere. It’s on our faces and under our fingernails and occasionally in our food.

7. Pinterest has stolen way too much of our time.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve spent entire weekends at the bottom of a Pinterest hole.

8. There’s never enough time in the day (or week, or year).

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9. Our homes are littered with half-finished projects.

I’ll finish them one day… maybe…

10. There’s never enough space.

You can craft or you can have extra room, but you cannot have both.

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11. Every moment we aren’t crafting feels like a waste.

And remember…

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