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Slow Shopping: The Trend that Could Make You Big Bucks

Everyone loves some good retail therapy (not everyone’s bank accounts, on the other hand, might share that love). And we all know that a leisurely afternoon wandering a neat, eclectic shop is way more fun than a breakneck slalom through Target on a Saturday.

Pretty much like this, yeah.

More and more retailers – especially small, independent ones – are turning to the practice of “slow shopping.” Slow shopping means placing value of the shopping experienced over sales, with the idea that happy shoppers who spend more time shopping are willing to buy more. Seems logical, right?

So how do you get shoppers to slow down and smell the roses?

Bring Snacks (And Maybe Also Roses)

Have you ever been out and about with a group of people and heard someone mention food? Did you notice how everyone’s necks snapped around and their eyes got all wide and feral-like? …No? Maybe that’s just me. Regardless, food is always a great draw for customers. Maybe it’s something as simple as putting out coffee and a candy dish for your customers, or maybe even adding some cafe items to your shop (which your PayGo software can be set up to accommodate) so your customers can nibble away while they peruse your store.

Be Eye-Catching (Within Limits)

Blank walls and uninspired displays will leave absolutely no impression on a customer. Yet, if your shop is stuffed with stuff, your customers won’t know where to start. Then, they may give up before they find anything they want to buy. Find a balance between bland and overwrought, with some well-thought-out visual merchandising.

Be Friendly (Not Pushy)

Customers may not like to be jumped on like a fly in a spiderweb the second they walk in your store. It’s still important to establish some kind of dialogue. A simple, “Isn’t it just lovely outside?” can break through a customers tough, I’m-shopping-so-leave-me-alone attitude without literally shoving them into the nearest display (which, while occasionally hilarious, is rarely a crowd pleaser). Some simple small talk can open up all kinds of conversations, which can keep the customer in your store a lot longer.

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