Quilt Shop POS

PayGo Started in Quilt Shops!

Holy bolts of fabric! That is true. PayGo was the first Quilt Shop POS.

A long, long time ago, there was this fellow who wanted to make a few extra dollars to help pay for diapers and all that other stuff parents need to keep babies happy and warm. So, he started doing a little side work for a team of quilt shops.

Next thing you know, this rather geeky person knew all about things like Fat-Quarters, Applique, Notions, Block-of-the-Month Clubs, classes, long-arm quilting and even Trapunto! He ended up knowing more things about quilting than all of his nerdy, techno buddies.

It was crazy.

It’s a Really Good Quilt Shop POS. Like How?

We knew you’d ask this, so how about:

1. PayGo tracks bolts of fabric and the little nuances they bring to the tracking world.
2. PayGo handles customers, discount clubs, loyalty programs, gift cards and more.
3. PayGo handles kits. Make a kit inventory record and auto-adjust the materials that went into making it.
4. PayGo has handy tools for making quick fat-quarter adjustments so your inventory is tracked as it should be.
5. Yes, PayGo handles fractional quantities on the invoice or anywhere else you need to use them.
6. Our purchase order was built with the help of quilt shops. It’s padded with friendly features.
7. It’s easy-to-use and super powerful.
8. Mobility! If you’re a PayGo WebDirect user, you can take your store on the road and do business where ever you are(internet connection required).

We could elaborate more, but that would require reading more words and your life is busy.

Take a Look

We encourage you to do 2 things right now:

  1. Check out PayGo. Read up on what it can do and try out the demo.
  2. Schedule a live demo so we can show you the PayGo + Quilt Shop love. You can schedule one by calling 866-545-7047 ext. 1 Or, if you’d like, let’s chat now!  Just click here to start that.