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Save time with PayGo Consign, Your Self-Service Consignment POS Product Portal

Our consignment POS has the power to make running your shop more efficient. PayGo Consign is a Self-Service Product Portal. It makes getting consignment merchandise into your PayGo Solo POS system super simple. How? Your consignors can add the items they want to sell from their own home computers or other mobile devices. When they bring their items into your store, just hit a button and the price labels are ready to go.

Line Free Consign is Here!

Not only can your consignors add the merchandise they want to sell from their own couch, they can also monitor their product list and their sales data in real-time on the PayGo Consign portal.

It’s a Consign of the Times

You know that you have to be nimble and quick to compete. You also know that every minute of time you can save provides the ability for you to concentrate that time elsewhere. PayGo Consign will help you save time. Your team of consignors will be able to manage their accounts without needing to come to you. All you need is our consignment tracking point of sale software with customer portal.

The Process

First, we set up what is essentially a fancy website on the cloud . This portal, as many geeks call it, is connected to your data file, in a secure and basic way. This portal provides the ability for your Consignor’s to login to their account. Now, they won’t be calling you all the time! You’ll be free from answering questions like, “How many sales have a I had this week?” or “Did my painting sell yet?”

In PayGo, ( What’s this? Learn more here ) you can quickly setup a Consignor and get them ready to use your PayGo Consign Product Portal. Click a button, enter their name, address, email, and phone number. Click one more button and the login information is emailed to your consignor.


Your consignor receives a simple email:


All they have to do is click the link and log in! Now, they can track their products and enter in new ones… right from wherever they are. The interface is simple and straight-forward. The light green fields are data entry and the white fields are read only. This stuff is easy-pleasey!

You can easily add your own Store Logo and address information to the PayGo Consign portal.


PayGo has all the trappings to help YOU track and pay your consignors! Read more about that here.

Technical Things

PayGo Consign is available to PayGo customers. PayGo Consign can be customized to fit your needs. PayGo Consign requires a one-time setup fee and a monthly service fee. The monthly service fee covers up to 2 active web-sessions at one time. Web-session upgrades are available. Please chat with us to learn more.


Do I have to have a website to use PayGo Consign?
No! You don’t. PayGo Consign runs on our cloud servers and we simply create a portal / site specifically for you! Upon installation, you will be provided a link which allows your Consignors to access your PayGo Consign portal.

Can I use PayGo Consign with my own POS?

No. PayGo Consign works only with PayGo

Can the consignors see other consignor’s products?

No way. Each consignor is given their own user name and password which is setup by you. When they log in to the PayGo Consign portal, they only see their data.

Can consignors print their own labels?

At this time they cannot. But, in PayGo, you can quickly print each Consignor’s labels with a click of a button by going to the Consignor Screen

Can consignors see their sales information?

Yes, consignors have the option to view any date range and see what products sold and if they’ve been paid for the product(s) which were sold.

Can I change the look of the web pages in PayGo Consign?

Yes, well sort of. We can change the look for you. However, that would require a customization and we would quote you prior to doing any work.

Requirements: PayGo WebDirect.

Have more questions? Chat with us!