Gift Shop POS

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A Gift for the Gift Giving Store – A Gift Shop POS with Gumption!Hello Gift Shop store owner! You are the key to a lot of happiness, because you provide a source of unique, eclectic, and exciting gifts to the world. So, it’s time to track those gifts and the customers who buy them. PayGo is our gift to you.The Ins and OutsYou’re probably ordering inventory from a lot of places. Some items from a bigger company and some from local artisans making up-cycled creations, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and the like. PayGo can help you with both types of vendors. Use our Purchase Order feature to keep a close eye on what has been ordered, how much was ordered, when you can expect it, and how much you will have to spend when it comes in.

No barcode? No problem.
PayGo can print a price label with a unique barcode so you can get that item on the shelf.Get to Know Your CustomersPayGo is stock full of ways to track your customers. Do your customers visit yearly, monthly, or do they ever return? What do they like? What did they buy? You can start tracking these kinds of things so you have the ability to keep in touch with those people you cherish so much. PayGo has customizable marketing fields and a bunch of places to track addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Gift Cards Bring More Customers to You
Gift cards keep customers coming back to you as well as their friends. After all, when I find a store I love I want my friends to enjoy it too! Gift cards shouldn’t cost your business a bundle or complicate your daily operations.

That’s why PayGo offers:

  • Comprehensive gift card tracking. Keep up-to-the-second information on all of your gift cards. If you have more than one store, PayGo will let them be used at each and every one.
  • The days of using a separate service through your merchant account provider are over. No extra fees or clunky functionality.

We Know You!
We work with select retailers. We don’t try to do it all. You can feel confident going with PayGo because we have helped stores like yours for many years. We know you’re unique and we know we can help you handle most of what you do. Our history tells us so. We are dedicated to your industry and that will give you an advantage when going with PayGo.Ready to learn more about what PayGo’s point of sale system can do for your store?Read about the Software.Try out the Demo. Have questions? You can chat with us online or call a PayGo Consultant at 866-545-7047 ext. 1.