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Printing Price Labels [A.K.A. Bar code labels]

PayGo can also print price labels for all of your inventory! No need to use anything else. All you need is a Zebra 2824 Label Printer and you’re ready to roll.

Here’s how you get price label printing (complete with bar codes) going:

This posting assumes that you have the barcode printer installed and reconized on your worksatation. Our current printer recommendations can be found HERE

Instructions to set up the Zebra printer on your OS can be found HERE.

To print labels in PayGo SaaS, you must first specify your label printer in Settings.

To do this, do the following:

1. From the Menu Screen, click on Settings
2. Click on the Printing Tab
3. Under the barcode_printer Parameter, click on the pencil icon.
4. Choose your barcode printer from the list.

To print a label, you must be on the Inventory Screen of the specific item you wish to print.

From there, you can choose a label type that matches the label you have in your label printer.

Next, you can simply click on the Print Label button and you will be given the option to specify the # of labels you wish to print.

That’s it! Now you can stick them on your products and start making money!

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