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Physical Inventory Help End of Year Offer

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Time is money. Save both (and your sanity) with PayGo’s Physical Inventory Hands-On Help and FancyFree. They will help your team do inventory with ease.

We have limited slots available, so reserve your Physical Inventory Hands-On Help time now, before we run out!

Physical Inventory Hands-On Help Includes:

  • Help you prepare for inventory counting
  • Help you understand how to collect the data
  • Import the data into PayGo (We’ll do this for you)
  • Find items with On-Hand counts that are no longer in inventory (We’ll do this for you)
  • Have PayGo update your On-Hand counts (We’ll do this for you)
  • Run year-end reports.
  • All of the benefits of the FancyFree app.

We know from experience that this is the single most complicated function for most retailers to perform in PayGo – simply because it’s that one feature most retailers only use once a year.

Physical inventory assistance is NOT part of your Support contract, so sign up for this service to save time AND money. For customers who purchase our Physical Inventory Hands-On Help, the app is free. For those who have our current FancyFree App, you can receive a free upgrade.

PayGo Blue Price Regular Price
$229 $279

Email to reserve your time, or request more information.

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