Pet Supply Store POS


Woof. woof, woof, woof woof woof woof.

Don’t speak dog? Then you probably didn’t know that PayGo likes Pet Supply Stores and Pet Boutiques! That’s right. We love stores that cater to the furry critters and their snorty, licky, scratchy, purring, and panting ways.

In fact, we’ve helped a lot of Pet Boutiques do business and we’d like to help yours.

PayGo has Cat-Like Reflexes

Like a cat capturing a cheese-munching mouse, PayGo can help you capture information quickly and with great precision. In fact, after a couple of hours with PayGo, you might begin to purr.

PayGo has More Bite than Bark

We don’t just want to make a bunch of noise! We want to show you a few things that make PayGo great for a pet store:

Open Invoice/Sales Touch Screen for a Pet Store

  • A Sales Screen with multi-faceted effectiveness. Do you sell straight-forward products decked out with UPC Codes? No Problem. Do you also sell items in bulk that require the flexibility to sell and specify various weights and measurements? PayGo’s here for you. Check out this available sales screen:
  • Do you hold doggy training classes? What about grooming appointments? Well pet fan, PayGo can track those classes, track who has signed up, print class rosters, print class detail receipts, schedule grooming appointments, and much more. Look!dogclass
  • Customers and their pets! Wouldn’t it be great to know not only your customers, but also their pet’s names? PayGo can tackle that.Customer Entry Marketing Tab Pet Store

We’re just scratching the surface fur here. PayGo is a great Pet Store POS and it does many, many things which will make managing the crazy aspects of your store much, much easier.

We work with select retailers. We don’t try to do it all. You can feel confident going with PayGo because we have helped stores like yours for many years. We know you’re unique and we know we can help you handle most of what you do. Our history tells us so. We are dedicated to your industry and that will give you an advantage when going with PayGo.

Ready to learn more about what PayGo’s point of sale system can do for your store?

Read about the Software. Try out the Demo. Have questions? You can chat with us online or call a PayGo Consultant at 866-545-7047 ext. 1.