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PayGoCC 2.0 is Here

Better Workflow. More Features.

Credit Card processing with your Claris FileMaker Pro just got easier and at the same time, more powerful! Check out these new features:

Email or Text Payment Links

Ever wanted to send a link to a customer to get them to make that payment? With PayGoCC 2.0 and Paygistix Cloud 2.0, you can now do that!

Super Simple Keyed Entry Right on Your Computer

With all the security hurdles, doing a card not present charge from a client takes a ton of setup. Not with PayGoCC! You could be charging customers in minutes.

"Charge It to My Account"

Do you want that ability to charge that customer's card without needing to worry about PCI compliance? PayGoCC now has that ability. It's like storing a credit card but you're not really storing it.

Tip Please

PayGoCC can now help you handle tips, by either adding a tip line on the payment device or giving you the option to add a tip to a completed transaction.


Stand Alone or Integrate with your FileMaker Solution!

PayGoCC runs on Claris FileMaker Pro! It's been built to work right out of the download* and it's also been built to be easily integrated into YOUR FileMaker Solution. We'll even help you do it!

Why PayGoCC?

We made PayGoCC to help independent retailers, restaurants, and an assortment of businesses accept a full range of payment types while being EMV and PCI compliant. In addition to being EMV and PCI compliant, our payment processing solution is future proof. As new regulations and payment methods come out we can help your business keep up.

PayGoCC is a FileMaker Pro app that works with Paygistix® from Fortis (formally Payment Logistics). It supports a variety of EMV and NFC devices to suit your needs, such as signature capture and wireless.

PayGoCC works on Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad platforms.

Our solution allows you to accept all main forms of credit and debit cards including: EMV (chip cards), NFC payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay), and magnetic stripe transactions. It works as a standalone payment solution, or it can be easily integrated with your custom FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go solution. PayGoCC works on Macs, PCs, iPhones, and iPads.

How PayGoCC Works

PayGoCC works with Paygistix®, a payment solution developed by Payment Logistics. It can communicate with multiple EMV payment devices.

Download it now to start poking around with it. 

Sign up for Paygistix Cloud 2.0 Right here!

Want to know how to get started with integration? Check out this link.