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Do Your Thing to Make that Cash Register Ring

PayGo is a ridiculously powerful retail software solution that can turn your Mac or PC into a point of sale wonder-station. We began back in 2002 by helping quilt shops. Back then it was hard for quilt shop owners to find a system that would allow them to sell and manage inventory of various measurements of fabric. We built a solution that let them do what they wanted to do. Then we started talking with owners of consignment shops, pet boutiques, wine shops, gaming stores, and more. We’ve made our solution flexible. We also develop customized solutions for the independent retailers who need them.

Salut Wines Restaurant
Salut in Manchester England - Powered by PayGo

Built for brick and mortar retailers and restaurants who need software that allows them to do what they do how they want to do it, PayGo is your little point of sale buddy. You can take it and put it on a laptop, an iMac, a Windows box… almost any computer. Next, connect a few POS hardware devices like a receipt printer, barcode printer, and cash drawer and voila, PayGo point of sale software can help you run your store and more. You can have lots of sites or one. You can have lots of seats or one. After all, it’s your store. Your point of sale system should help you do what you want to do.

PayGo's Core Features

PayGo’s point of sale software is both simple and feature-full. You’ll find yourself bragging to friends about how little you paid for so much point of sale power. Some of PayGo’s point of sale software features:

That’s what a point of sale (POS) system is for, right?  PayGo does that. It’s super easy to search for inventory. You can use a scanner. We give you other ways to get the job done. We help you keep track of your customers by providing a way to add them quickly during the point of sale transaction. Payment by cash, check, and credit card can be accepted. PayGo will help you sort how much of which sort of payment you accepted throughout the day. It’s so mighty, it will also handle gift cards (centralized so that if you have multiple stores, the card can be used at any one of them).

Getting instantaneous information on your business is a must and PayGo’s no bust. We provide 7 different dashboards which give sky-high views of how your shop is doing. 

A POS solution needs to track inventory. It’s easy to add, easy to track. Oh, and if you add it at the Denver store, the item is available at all the other stores as fast as you blink. Tracking inventory in PayGo is easy and very powerful.

PayGo can print price labels (with barcodes) for your merchandise on industry-proven label printers. You can also print receipts to a receipt printer and all of your reports to your own printer. If if you so choose, you can print credits and gift certificates. You can even print a gift receipt if that tickles your fancy.

We understand that you have to provide above-average services to your customers.  To do that, you need to know who they are and what they buy. PayGo allows you to add customers and track how they’re enjoying your products.

Do you like privacy? With PayGo, you have a megaton of flexibility when it comes to who can see what in your system.

Do you fix things in your retail business? PayGo has a feature for that.  Turn on Repair Tracking in settings to create repair orders, track work performed, print work orders, add services and parts and so much more.

Do you have gift cards that are tracked by a company who charges you every time you sell one or a customer uses one? Say goodbye to that. PayGo tracks gift cards for you. It tracks balances and allows you to add to gift cards. A customer can redeem on Main St. and then go to your Cherry St. store and their balance is right there, waiting for them.

PayGo can do that too. Many of our customers love to chill on their laptop and get their orders entered as they watch the tube. PayGo runs anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection. So you can login, enter your orders and they are there instantly for your staff to see and process.

With today’s technology, why should you have to have two separate ways of tracking your Web site and your brick and mortar store? PayGo says you don’t have to. With our PayGoCart service, your life just got super simple.

Tracking employee time is as simple as buttering toast in PayGo. Basically, you set up your pay periods and that’s it. Your employees can then punch in and punch out. PayGo provides several monitoring tools so you can see who’s working hard and who’s not.

Your customers allow you to bring home the bacon (or if you’re not into meat, the lettuce). Use PayGo’s loyalty tracking to reward your customers the way you want to. If you’re rewarding them, they’ll keep coming back. If they keep coming back, you make a lot more money. If you make a lot more money, well, then…we will let you take it from there.

Connecting your stores is easy with PayGo. Everything is real-time! You always know how much business is going on at any site. Now that gives you an advantage. Tracking inventory becomes easy. Tracking customers, gift cards, orders, anything… it just makes sense.

PayGo has great features that help the retailer wanting to track the unique aspects of consignment transactions. The nice thing is that we don’t JUST do consignment… we give you flexibility to have a store which does consignment and many other retail things. 

PayGo's Ultimate Feature List

The core features above should give you a good idea of the many cool core features of PayGo. The list to follow lays out all the features we can think of that PayGo has! Already built in!

Point of Sale Options

  • Bar code scanning
  • Sales by Salesperson tracking
  • Cashier/clerk tracking
  • Customer data and history without leaving sale
  • Gift Certificate (and Gift Card) Tracking
  • In-store Credit Tracking
  • Sales order
  • Ship to and Bill to name/address
  • Speedy checkout
  • Split tenders, multiple credit cards
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory lookup from Invoice – just type into the scan box, hit Enter, PayGo finds all matches…it’s FAST!
  • Line item or global discounts
  • Non-inventory sales
  • Out of stock warning
  • Place sales on hold
  • Quote Generation
  • Quote Emailing from Mandrill
  • Till tracking and end of day balancing
  • Sale Emailing from Mandrill
  • Zipcode Lookup

Events / Classes

  • Keep track of events and classes
  • Monitor enrollment counts
  • Sign up attendees right from the sale
  • Print details on receipt printer when posting sale
  • Email event details on from Mandrill when posting sale
  • Print class roster
  • Dashboard Class Registration Current and Next Month Tracking
  • Class Size and Minimum Enrolling Tracking


  • 20 User defined marketing fields
  • Purchase history
  • Serial number history
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Store credit tracking
  • Zip codes lookup
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • Loyalty Program Tracking
  • Membership Discount Program Tracking


  • Cross-platform. Works on Mac, Windows and iPad (Sales only)
  • Unlimited data
  • Instant search capability
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Customizable
  • Cloud capable
  • Woocommerce Cart Integration
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing

Repair/Service Order Tracking

  • Track orders by serial number
  • See service history in one simple click
  • Print repair order in duplicates
  • Print via 8 1/2 x 11 or receipt printer – customize your own look
  • Define and track drop off supplies
  • Room for more than one technician
  • Send completion notification via email
  • One click warranty expiration date calculation

Inventory Control and Tracking

  • Inventory by Vendor, Department, Class, Category, Size, Color, Style, etc.
  • Purchase orders
  • Mark up, mark down
  • Bar code tag / price label printing
  • Multiple/Alternate price levels
  • Min/Max levels
  • Auto PO generation
  • Image Tracking
  • Kit / Bundle tracking
  • Adjustment tracking
  • Price/quantity verification
  • Price Levels – Set certain customers to have their own pricing
  • Case to unit conversion
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Track warranty information
  • Multi-Site Price and Stock Tracking

Reports & Analysis

  • Standard predefined reports with flexibility
  • Design (and save) your own Reports
  • POS and stock journals
  • Rank instantly by sales or any statistic
  • Results Tracking
  • Hot Sellers Report
  • PO Receiving and Pending Reports
  • Outstanding InStore Credit and Gift Card Reports
  • PDF Generation

Vendors & Consignors

  • Purchase history
  • Contact tracking
  • PayGo Consign Portal Integration
  • Consignment Unpaid and Paid Tracking
  • PO Receiving and Pending Reports

Pricing You Say?

Pay Yearly

$ 0
USD Per Month*
1 workstation
Integrated Merchant Account
Integrated Automated Marketing
Basic At-A-Glance Reports
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Products
Priority Support
15% discount on Marketing and IT services
Additional workstations are $45/month**

Pay Monthly

$ 0
USD Per Month*
1 workstation
Integrated Merchant Account
Integrated Automated Marketing
Basic At-A-Glance Reports
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Products
Priority Support
15% discount on Marketing and IT services
Additional workstations are $50/month**