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We’re trying to keep this on the DL, so please don’t tell everyone in town about it yet – PayGo MC makes connecting with your customer base easy (or should we say, EZ). With it, you can manage Mailchimp from PayGo. Your marketing list will automatically update as you run your business with PayGo.

What’s so great about this?
Do the same dance and do it better with less steps! You no longer have to export information out of PayGo and then import into Mailchimp. Up to 16 fields of information can be sent from PayGo to Mailchimp. Anytime you modify a customer’s information in PayGo, Mailchimp will be updated.

Most Importantly!
Once you have PayGo MC, you can get PayGo Automated Marketing. That’s right. Marketing that’s automatic and systematic to save you time. Read all about it here.

Information in the Mailchimp fields will go to your MailChimp account.

Your customer’s basic contact information will be securely used for Mailchimp Marketing.

PayGo MC is FREE to PayGoBlue members and $10 per month for regular customers. There is a one time activation fee of $50.

Sign Up?
First: Just click here and let us know you want to get signed up.
Second: If you do NOT have a Mailchimp account, click here to sign up. You’ll get $30 in FREE credits.