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PayGo Helps You Help Others

Do you know why humans have survived for so long despite being squishy, mostly hairless, socially awkward walking hors d’oeuvres?

Mostly, it’s because of the opposable thumbs. It’s pretty amazing what those things can do.


But it’s also because of the indomitable human spirit, and our natural instinct to band together in times of trouble. When times get tough we take care of each other, we look out for our neighbors and we help our communities. Our interconnected society is why we still exist, and why we will continue to do so well after 2020 has done its worst.

In this spirit, you may be wondering what you and your business can do to help your community during our darkest timeline before the aliens invade or the dinosaurs return or the mighty kraken awakens, or whatever it is that’s coming up next. And as it so happens, your PayGo software can help you help others.

Some things PayGo can help you do:

Your Customer Accounts are good for more than just organizing your customer info. You can use your Notes, Contacts and more to keep track of information such as which of your customers might need delivery assistance or require special health precautions.

Your software allows your customers to purchase items on Layaway and Hold right from the Sales screen. This could allow your customers extra time to pay for necessities if they need it.

Your Events calendar helps you to set up appointments for deliveries and pick-ups, special shopping hours and more.

Your Consignment feature gives your customers a place to sell all of their quarantine art, thus playing a vital role in triggering the new cultural Renaissance built almost entirely on craft glue, knitting needles and acrylic paint. History needs you, my friends.

And don’t forget about PayGo customization! We can help you set up new features on your software tailored specifically to your store and community needs. Do you need your software to allow for special orders, product rentals or more? We can do that! PayGo works with you to create whatever you might need in order to keep your company and your community going strong, no matter what comes next. Because that’s what humans do.