Customizable FileMaker Retail POS

PayGo New Look

PayGo is ALL FileMaker Pro 17! It’s the Practically Perfect FileMaker POS Solution!

PayGo’s FileMaker POS software consists of a collection of customizable database files with 16+ years of retail experience behind it. It’s wide open* and the perfect solution for FileMaker-minded, point of sale individuals.  Our point of sale solution has worked great for Quilt Shops, Boutiques, Wine Shops, Gift Shops, Pet Shops, Consignment Stores, and more. Learn more about our customers and how they have put PayGo to work in their stores.

Is it customizable?

As we say in our Minnesota headquarters, You Bet’Cha it is! When you purchase our Unlocked version, you receive fully customizable FileMaker Point of Sale software. It’s open, tweak-able, and restriction free. With PayGo Unlocked, we give you control to build functionality that helps you run your business the way you want to run it.

PayGo Unlocked Is A Lot Of Fun

We give you the option to take our PayGo FileMaker files and take them in your own direction. Use your FileMaker powers (or ours) to do what you want in the world of retail. It will be awesome.

If you have questions, please give us the opportunity to talk with you. LiveChat with us during business hours.

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The Ultimate Possibility List

Point of Sale Options
Bar code scanning
Cashier/clerk tracking
Sales by user tracking,
Customer data and history without leaving invoice
Gift Certificate (and Gift Card) Tracking
In-store Credit Tracking
Inventory lookup from Invoice – just type into the scan box, hit Enter, PayGo finds all matches…it’s FAST!
Line item or global discounts
Non-inventory sales
Out of stock warning
Place sales on hold
Quote Generation
Sales order
Ship to and Bill to name/address
Speedy checkout
Split tenders, multiple credit cards
Online Credit Card Processing
Tills tracking and end of day balancing
Email Invoices, Quotes right from PayGo SP
Zip Code Lookup

Consignment Tracking
Track Consignors merchandise, accounts and payments
Customize and print checks individually or all at once
Can be integrated with web-based PayGo Consign service

Repair/Service Order Tracking
Track orders by serial number
See service history in one simple click
Print repair order in duplicates
Print via 8 1/2 x 11 or receipt printer – customize your own look
Define and track drop off supplies
Room for more than one technician
Send completion notification via email
One click warranty expiration date calculation

Inventory Control and Tracking
Inventory by Vendor, Department, Class, Category, Size, Color, Style, etc.
Purchase orders
Mark up, mark down
Bar code tag printing
Multiple price levels
Min/Max levels
Auto PO generation
User defined inventory field sizes
Kit / Bundle tracking
Adjustment tracking
Price/quantity verification
Price Levels – Set certain customers to have their own pricing
Case to unit conversion
Serial Number Tracking
Track warranty information

Events / Classes
Keep track of events
Monitor enrollment counts
Sign up attendees right from the invoice
Print event details on receipt printer when posting sale
Print class schedules

Reports & Analysis
Standard predefined reports with flexibility
Design (and save) your own Reports
POS and stock journals
Rank instantly by sales or any statistic
Results tracking

20 User defined data fields
Purchase history
Serial number history
Targeted mailings via email
Store credit tracking
Zip codes lookup
Contact note tracking
Print Mailing and Customer ID Labels

Purchase history
Contact tracking
Contact Note tracking
Vendor inventory searching – import SKU in separate database, search for items you want, click a button and they’re added to your system

Works in a cross-platform environment
Capable of handling over 100 users
Customize all documents printed from PayGo
Web shopping cart integration

*If you purchased the unlocked option.