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PayGo EM is a service that allows you to send simple, verified, html-based (luddite translation: fancy-looking) email receipts to your customers when they checkout at your store. Who likes paper receipts anymore? Save some trees (and some green) by getting hip with PayGo EM.

Quotes and Class Details Too

PayGo EM also allows you to email quotes! Amaze your prospects with simple to send and easy to read emails that should help you pull in that sale. And if you use PayGo to track and sell classes, PayGo EM now sends class details via email. It even lets you schedule a reminder email that is automatically sent to the customer

How Does it Work?

It’s simple.

  • Let PayGo’s Sales Team know you want PayGo EM (email
  • Once you’ve purchased, we send simple setup instructions.
  • When posting a sale, you select email as the output.
  • Post the sale. That’s it!

What About the Look?

You’ll be able to brand the receipts you send out. When it comes to marketing, we understand that brand consistency matters. Provide your store logo and let us know the background color you want and we will set it up for you. This service is included in the activation fee. Want a more elaborate receipt? We can help with that. All it takes is a block of design time.

What’s the Cost?

There is a one-time $149 activation fee for each form (Receipt, Quote and Class Detail). After that, it’s FREE for PayGoBlue members. $10 per month for customers not on the PayGoBlue plan. Limit of 500 emails per month. Need to send out more? Contact our Sales Team by emailing
Design Time Blocks:
4-Hour Block $600
2-Hour Block $300
Note: The 2-Hour Block of Design Time is only available on email receipt, quote and class details design. A 4-Hour Block is the minimum available for all other design-related projects.

Ready to Sign Up?

Just click here and let us know you want PayGo EM.