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Consignment POS

We love the whole idea of consignment. It makes sense! We’re delighted that you’ve taken on the adventure of helping people buy and sell a variety of merchandise while encouraging them to reuse and recycle. We developed tools within our PayGo POS software just for you.

Retail Software That’s Nice to Consignment Shops

We know it. Your business is different than other retailers. Sure, you have inventory, but it’s always unique stuff and seldom do you have the same item.

Many POS features for the typical retail shop don’t apply in your world. You need a few special features. The nerds at PayGo developed some mighty nifty solutions for you, the consignment shop owner!

PayGo’s POS software tracks consignors, consignees, inventory, and payouts. You’ll be able to print price labels to get that merchandise on the floor – quick and easy. When it’s sold, you can run inventory and sales reports.


The Line on Consign

Consignment store owners track lots of stuff: who the consignor is, what the asking price of the item is and what the commission percentage is. PayGo can do all that.

PayGo can even allow you wiggle room in case you allow haggling. For example, if Cathy Consignor sets the price of that Chanel purse at $2000, yet she’d be willing to sell it for $1500 and not a penny less, there are special settings in PayGo’s POS software to help you out. PayGo allows you to discount consignment items at the point of sale while preventing you from discounting below the allowable price. PayGo dynamically calculates your percentage and their percentage, no matter what price you sell the item for.


Setting Up Your Consignors – EASY!

Adding a consignor in PayGo is as easy as clicking a button and filling out the fields in this little screen. You can specify the default commission rate, view products, track payments, and facilitate auto-deductions such as rent… if your consignors do that kind of thing.

New Vendor Vendor:Consignor:Manufacturer Entry Screen


The End of the Month

When it’s time to pay your consignors, PayGo has tools that help you track who to pay, how much to pay, how much has been paid, and more! It will even help you print checks and print out reports for your consignors. We strive to make your life easier.

Consignment CentralConsignment Central Payments Tab

Buy Yourself Some Time with PayGo Consign

paygo_consignPayGo’s consignment shop-friendly features don’t stop there! We also have a product that gives your consignors the ability to add products and monitor their sales from their own computer or mobile device!

Read about PayGo Consign Here!

We Know You

We work with select retailers. We don’t try to do it all. You can feel confident going with PayGo because we have helped stores like yours for many years. We know you’re unique and we know we can help you handle most of what you do. Our history tells us so. We are dedicated to your industry and that will give you an advantage when going with PayGo.

Ready to learn more about what PayGo’s point of sale system can do for your store?

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