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This Is How PayGo Can Help You With Your Store’s Marketing Efforts

Does the ever-faster evolving retail marketplace make you feel as if you’re a passenger on Willy Wonka’s boat at that moment when he starts singing?

There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going. There’s no knowing where we’re rowing or which way the river’s flowing. Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing?

We sent out a survey earlier this year. Our customers responded overwhelmingly that marketing is one of their biggest challenges. We’re pretty passionate about helping independent retailers. After all, our business is based off providing solutions to meet the needs of retailers. So, we pulled our marketing, sales, and development teams together to create solutions to help our customers adapt and overcome their marketing challenges.

Make Marketing and Sales Wins in 3 Great Ways with a Little Help from PayGo:

  • PayGoCart with WooCommerce! You can now let potential customers know what’s available in your store live using the most popular e-commerce platform. Using PayGo’s Long Description to your advantage, you can improve your SEO without a lot of extra steps too.
  • Marketing tips and tricks. Have you seen our super helpful SEO & Social Media posts? We’re doing our best to post them every Monday. Video tutorials will be coming soon.
  • Digital Marketing Services! Let us know what your current challenges are and we will help you devise a plan to overcome them.

Our view: We’re all in this Wonka, er…Wonky retail world together. The more we row together, the better off we’ll all be in this constantly evolving economy. Well, so long as we’re rowing in the right direction. The right direction is where data and research becomes everybody’s trusted marketplace friend.

3 Marketing Ideas

These ideas were inspired, in part, by reading, Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday.

1. Figure out what products and experiences will make your customers happy.

How? Ask them. We did via the survey. At first, there was concern that customers would not respond. We pushed forward and sent the survey out anyway. We received a 10% response rate. While the response amount wasn’t mind-blowing, respondents did offer us a glimpse of what we could do to make and keep our customers happy. To everyone who has filled out the survey so far, Thank You! If you’re a customer who hasn’t had the chance to fill out our survey yet, please take a moment to by clicking here. We do heart data around here.

2. Generate content and get press coverage.

Write blog posts about popular topics that relate to the products in your store and then post about them on social media. Doing so may lead to press coverage. Reach out to local reporters.  Before starting at PayGo, I wrote the weekly What’s in Store column for the Post Bulletin. The stores who received the most coverage in my column were the ones that posted on social media and/or those who contacted me. I didn’t have time to call those not making my job easy.

3. Host in-store and/or online events.

You could invite your e-mail to a special pre-sale event. Do you need help building your e-mail marketing campaign? We can help with that.

There is much to learn about marketing and only so much time in each day. Do you have questions about how to better market your retail business? Feel free to send questions to or give a call to our sales team at 866.545.7047 ext. 1.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer a Merchant Account integration, a WooCommerce integration, Digital Marketing Services, and more.