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PayGo Blue Members receive first priority support on PayGo products & services.

To become a member of PayGo Blue you must:

  • Be a current PayGo WebDirect, PayGo Local customer on a monthly or annual contract, or be a PayGo Unlocked customer.
  • Use our Merchant Account Provider, Payment Logistics.

As a PayGo Blue Member, you will receive:

  • First Priority Support.
  • A 15% discount on our new PayGo Blue Development and IT Services.
  • Exclusive PayGo Annual/Monthly Pricing

IT Services

Physical Inventory Hands-On Help:

  1. Help you prepare for inventory counting
  2. Help you understand how to collect the data
  3. Import the data into PayGo (We’ll do this for you)
  4. Find items with On-Hand counts that are no longer in inventory (We’ll do this for you)
  5. Have PayGo update your On-Hand counts (We’ll do this for you)
  6. Run year-end reports. We know from experience that this is the single most complicated function for most retailers to perform in PayGo – simply because it’s that one feature most retailers only use once a year.

You can receive help with all of the above for just $229! Interested in making your life easier?

LAN Static IP Services

Many of our PayGo customers hire networking or local computer tech specialists to handle issues such as making sure that their computers and networks are properly configured to conduct business. PayGo Support and Maintenance Plans are for PayGo point of sale software related issues. Networking falls outside of those parameters. Our support team has noticed that not having a static IP address has been a recurring issue for many of our customers.

Since we do have the expertise required to help our customers with this issue, we have decided to offer LAN Static IP Services: We configure the host computer to use a LAN static IP rather than a dynamic (DHCP) one to insure that the IP address is static and does not change. This service is performed remotely. It does require that we have temporary access to your networking router. For a quote please contact or submit a support ticket through our Get Help system.