PayGo Automated Marketing Service

Welcome to PayGo Automated Marketing. Come a little closer to the screen. We’ve got a secret…read this as a whisper: “We can help automate follow up marketing with your customers.” It’s kinda like a time machine. Please don’t let the nerds know.

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. But think about that. Here’s one way it works:

  1. When a customer comes up to buy something, you ask them if they’re on your mailing list. If they say no, ask them if they want to be? Heck offer them 5% off their sale if they say yes. Trust us! It’ll help you get that customers info! (But you don’t have to. It’s your business, do what you want.)
  2. You plug that email into PayGo, with their name and whatever other info you want to get.
  3. You add the new customer to the sale in PayGo. Ring up their items.
  4. Now that they’re on your mailing list, you can offer to email their receipt to them. Trees and Green saved!
  5. Click Post in PayGo! BOOM! Their info is added to YOUR MailChimp Mailing List AND their HTML receipt is whisked off to their email where they’ll see it with their surprised and delighted leyes. (Requires PayGo MC and PayGo EM)

Now What?
Now it is time to set up some
automated follow-up emails so that new customer rushes back on in to see your smiling face.

How’s The Automation Work?
So our dynamic team sets up a campaign that automatically kicks in every time a new customer gets added to to your mailing list. Check it out…

Thank you email is sent 3 days after the purchase

An initial promotional coupon is sent 30 days after the first purchase

A second email with a 15% coupon is sent 45 days after the fist purchase

A last email is sent with a 20% coupon.

The Cost?
Our basic package includes setup, configuration, and scheduling of a marketing campaign that begins right after your new customer’s first purchase. You provide a logo, background color preference, and text for four follow-up emails and we do the rest. All for $250.

Want to do something more elaborate?
We can help you design your own campaign; and, we can even help you design the email templates. All you’ll need is a Design Time Block. 4, 8, and 12 hour Design Time Blocks are available for this service. Contact our Sales Team and let them know how elaborate you want to go. They will help you determine which block is best for your needs.