Innovation Success Story: Salut Wines

Salut Wines Restaurant

Award-winning Salut Wines has been breaking down barriers to wine engagement for the past four and a half years in Manchester, England. Owners Jon and Sara Saunby were studying for their WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) levels 2 and 3 with the guidance of wine educator Stephen Rosser, when they saw a need for a place like Salut Wines in Manchester. “Somewhere where there was a great wine selection, with a good by-the-glass selection, in a relaxed environment with excellent service,” is how Sara described what they were looking for to imbibe in June 2014.

Sara Saunby shared a bit about what it takes to be a successful innovator in the wine merchant scene.

Sara Saunby owner of Salut Wines

Sara Saunby, owner of Salut Wines

Q: How scary was it to make the jump from being part of the cabin crew for British Airways to opening up Salut?

A: Not too scary, I did it in steps. I reduced to a 75% contract at BA and then a 33% contract whilst working towards making Salut a viable prospect and I left BA a year before Salut opened. My husband kept his job, so we always had that as a fallback. Saying that, if I’d have known then all the things that I didn’t know, I don’t know if I’d have been brave (or stupid!) enough to make the leap!

Q: Why do you feel it’s important to break down barriers to wine engagement?

A: Wine is good stuff but it’s a luxury item, and traditional wine merchants are a pretty intimidating environment. The average spend on a bottle at Salut is £20, so if you earn UK £300.00 a week then you’re parting with 6.6% of your weekly income – you’ll want to know that you’ll enjoy what you’re buying.

At Salut we try to remember what we didn’t know about wine when we first started, and that’s how we communicate with our customers, on a level they will understand. You may not have trained your palate, but you do know what tastes good – what foods you like, what wines or other drinks you like – and those conversations help us to find you a wine you will like.

Salut Wine Wall

Q: Do you have a favorite wine, or is that like asking a mom to choose her favorite child?

A: For me that has everything to do with who I’m sharing it with, what I’m eating, my mood, the weather – you get the gist.

Q: When you decided to open up Salut, what were your first steps in taking it from an idea to what it is now?

A: This is my first business, so they were pretty random steps! It started as, “why are there no continental style wine bars in the UK” and turned into, “well, why don’t we do that…”.

Whilst I was on a reduced contract at BA I got a job in a wine merchants to see if I would still think it was a good idea after working in that environment, that also helped when it came to practical stuff like suppliers, stock rotation etc. even though Salut was planned to be a different business model.

I asked everyone I knew or met if they could point me in the right direction, and I asked every question I could think of, without caring if it sounded dumb.

Salut Enomatic Machine

Q: Why do you use enomatic machines in your store?

A: The machines preserve the wines and allow us to ensure that they are kept in a pristine state. Because we have 4 machines we can open 32 wines on top of our 15 – 20 house wines and be confident that they will not deteriorate. Also, because there are 3 measures to choose from in the machines, our smallest being 50ml (1.69 oz), it means that we eradicate the fear factor of spending a lot of money on a wine that you’d like to try but have no idea if you’ll like because it comes from, say the Czech Republic, which is not a well known wine region.

Q: When you took the class from Stephen Rosser, was it because you were just curious about wine, or were you thinking of pursuing something in the wine industry?

A: I liked wine and wanted to learn how to read a wine list. I wanted to know if the wines at the more expensive end of the list were worth the money. Turned out yes, they are, but I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for!

Salut Wines More than a wine store

Q: It looks as though there’s a lot to oversee in your store since you have retail and restaurant elements, as well as classes and events. What does your typical work day look like?

A: I don’t really have one, which is the nice thing about my role. We have a team of 12 and I do the administration side of it all. I’ve had to learn how to keep my accounts in order, about HR and a whole bunch of other non-wine related stuff regarding the day to day running of the business.

I work closely with the team, and am heavily involved with the sourcing and buying of the wines, but I don’t tend to do much chatting to customers and selling wine, the rest of the gang have that covered.

Q: What have been your biggest challenges as a store owner?

A: Having to make decisions which I don’t really want to make. I’m a people pleaser at heart, but I have to put Salut first, its survival is what pays all of our wages, so sometimes I have to say no when I’d like to say yes.

Q: How is PayGo helping you run your business?

A: Apart from the back end of PayGo making the administration much simpler, it is transforming how we do business, Salut changed the way that wine merchants do business in the UK, with most merchants copying our model. Because of the way we have been able to work with the team at PayGo to tailor the system to how we do business we have a fantastic new idea which we’ll be putting into action early this year, which will do the same again!

Q: What have been the most helpful parts of PayGo’s solution for Salut?

A: Because I have been able to work with your team I have an EPOS system which feels completely bespoke to our business model, which is just amazing. There is so much about it which saves time and just works for us.

Q: What are you looking forward to as a retailer in 2019?

A: Well, we are living through challenging times with Brexit hanging over our heads, but we’ve had pretty challenging stuff thrown at us before and so we’ve learnt to constantly assess how we do business and how to innovate and improve. So I’m looking forward to seeing our new ideas come to fruition this year.

Q: How do you see the wine industry evolving?

A: From a wine merchant’s point of view, I think that customer service is key, so business models like Salut, where the customer is very engaged will become the norm over traditional wine merchants.

From a global wine distribution point of view, who knows? It would help to have some decent, intelligent and honest politicians running the planet!

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Physical Inventory Help End of Year Offer

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Time is money. Save both (and your sanity) with PayGo’s Physical Inventory Hands-On Help and FancyFree. They will help your team do inventory with ease.

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PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer Merchant Account integration, WooCommerce integration, Automated Marketing Services, and more.

Press Release: PayGoCC – Secure Credit Card Processing for FileMaker Applications

PayGo Credit Card Processing EMV/NFC

Contact Name: Melissa McNallan / Matt Bruno
Organization: PayGo / Payment Logistics
Phone Number: 866.545.7047 ext. 1 / 888.572.9564
Email: /

PayGo and Payment Logistics Partner to Provide Easy EMV/NFC Payment Processing for FileMaker Applications and Developers

PayGoCC is Easy, Free, and EMV

Minnesota based PayGo and California based Payment Logistics announce the release of PayGoCC powered by Paygistix ®. The FileMaker app provides a secure, future-proof credit card processing solution that handles EMV/Chip Card, NFC (Apple Pay), and Magnetic Stripe Credit Card payments. It works standalone and is easy to integrate into FileMaker applications.

“The solution provides legacy point of sale systems built on the FileMaker platform a simple and elegant path to accepting the latest in payments including EMV (or chip) cards and NFC payments like Apple Pay,” said Matt Bruno, VP of Sales, Payment Logistics.

Providing EMV and NFC payment options are important for both customer security and company growth. Consumers are ever more cognizant of their information’s vulnerability due to continued data breaches making the headlines. PayGoCC powered by Paygistix® helps retailers, restaurants, and an assortment of businesses accept a full range of payment types while being EMV and PCI Compliant.

“PayGoCC powered by Paygistix ® can run as a stand-alone FileMaker credit card app, or even better, it can easily be integrated to an existing FileMaker solution,” said Christian James, Inc. CEO, Chris Peterson. “Most developers will be able to tie it with their solution in less than an hour. It provides great power with very minimal effort.”

You can learn more about PayGoCC and its capabilities by visiting

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Founded in 2002, its primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software.

Founded in 2003, Payment Logistics started as a full service merchant account provider and evolved into an industry leading payment technology company.

Decision-making dilemmas? Point of Sale Software to the rescue!

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of decisions you have to make in a day, you might be a retailer. Or, you might be a restaurant owner. The day-to-day operations of each involve several decisions with dollar signs attached to them. It’s one of the reasons selecting the right Point of Sale software is critical to data-savvy business owners.

Despite the data showing how reliable data is, some retailers and restaurant owners prefer to rely on good-ol’ gut instincts. Those gut instincts react to perceptions. Perceptions are influenced by wants. Making decisions based on unsubstantiated information leads to time wasted on dilemmas that don’t even really exist.

The #FriendsFriday! Perception Conundrum

Gal owns Chic Boutique, an upscale trendsetting store. On Fridays the store is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jen, the gem of an employee, has been working Fridays solo for awhile.

Jen tells Gal that Fridays are crazy busy and that she needs help. Yet, when Gal counts how much her store makes on Fridays, the profits don’t seem crazy high. Gal has always been one to rely on gut instincts. She gets her data from what her customers and employees tell her, because it seems more real to her. Investing in point of sale software instead of doing the work by hand just isn’t her thing.

Gut Instinct Gal wonders if she should open Chic Boutique’s doors later in the day. Or, maybe she does need to consider hiring more staff. Will she miss shoppers earlier in the day? Are her customers feeling neglected in the afternoon?

Jen is a great employee. She’s an even more amazing friend. Every Friday as soon as she’s done with work she meets up with her two besties. About an hour or so before the store closes, she starts getting excited for the fun she’s about to have on #FriendsFriday! If Gal followed her on Instagram she might know that this is a big deal.

Damaging employee relationships through social media stalking isn’t a risk that Gal needs to take. She just needs a little data to help her solve the mystery. If she had it, she might know that her store’s traffic on Friday afternoons is well within Jen’s ability to handle. No altering of hours, or staffing is required. All of the worry stems from Jen’s perception of Friday afternoons, because she is super excited to meet up with her friends. That’s all.

Perception Verification: Point of Sale Software to the Rescue

If Gut Instinct Gal had PayGo’s Point of Sale software solution, she could run an Average Sales by Hour report that would help her make a well-informed, data-driven decision. The report might tell her that while Fridays are busier in the afternoon than in the morning, customer demand is well within Jen’s abilities to handle. Jen’s perception, skewed by thoughts of #FriendsFriday fun, is just providing Gal with misinformation.

Easy 3-Step Problem Solving with PayGo’s Point of Sale Software

  1. Select Reports on PayGo’s drop-down menu. PayGo 6 Point of Sale Menu Screen Reports
  2. Click the Avg Sale Trans/Hour button. PayGo 6 Point of Sale Reports Page
  3. Enter the date (or dates) you want information on in the Search Criteria field and click Perform Find.

Boom! One crystal clear report on the transactions per hour staff is doing on the day selected just for you. If this report were for Gal’s Chic Boutique store, she’d know that Jen could handle the day’s business without compromising customer service.
PayGo 6 Point of Sale Transactions Per Hour Report

PayGo’s Point of Sale Powers to the Rescue

PayGo’s Point of Sale software for boutiques, wine stores, pet supply stores and more, has been helping retailers make decisions for more than 15 years. In addition to staffing decisions, it helps busy retailers with inventory and staffing decisions by providing reliable data.

Use PayGo’s perception verification tools (reports) when it’s time to make investments in staffing, purchasing, and marketing. It’s like a smiley little superhero nerd-ing out on data, there to help you run your store. Instead of letting the ad salesperson, vendor, or employee sell you with their data, you can use yours to make great choices.

If you’d like to know more about how PayGo’s point of sale software does all that (and a heck of a lot more), request a demo. That way you can have all of the data you need to make a well-informed decision.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer Merchant Account integration, WooCommerce integration, Automated Marketing Services, and more.

How to handle change in retail and in life | PayGo POS

Pet Store

Now and again members of PayGo’s staff wrench themselves from their computer screens and get social. Yesterday, a couple of us attended an Entrepreneurial Bridge conference. The big question attendees had gathered to discuss: How do successful leaders prepare for and respond to change?


In the retail industry, we never have to confront change, so maybe we should have stayed in the office in the cozy glow of our screens. If only, right?

As a point of sale software company for independent retailers and restaurateurs, we have had a front row seat to retail’s whirlwind of change. Technology, market crashes and recoveries, and trends have all had an impact on retail.

Famous Dave himself gave an inspiring talk, “How I Turned My Backyard Grill into a $500 Million Restaurant Empire.” During it, he said, “Life is about change. You can’t achieve your greatest dreams being the person you are right now.”

Famous Dave

Dave Anderson, Owner of Famous Dave’s

Maybe all of the changes retail has been through in the past decade, or two, will take it to new heights. Retail could become something greater and more significant than it has ever been. Shoppers are now seeking community and experiences as they shop. Who better to provide that than a local spot? Independently owned stores, cafes, and restaurants have more ways to let their customers know how much they’re valued than ever before. Using automated tools, they can also reach them more efficiently.


“Would you like to know the secret to unlimited success?” Dave asked the crowd toward the end of his speech. I believe most of us said yes. “Problems.” We may moan about the problems, ask for them to be taken away, yet for the entrepreneur problems are needed. Without them, there’s nothing to fix, or solve in the marketplace. “Accept more responsibility of the problems,” Dave said.

How many more problems can you solve?

Other bits of Dave wisdom that were worth writing down:

    • Do Personal Research and Development each day.
    • Training is giving them (employees) hope that they can succeed.
    • Instead of writing down 100 things you dream of doing or being, Dave recommends writing down 100 of the best of the best things you could be.
    • View your car as a university on wheels.
    • Figure out how your business relates to a lifestyle. As he expounded on the thought, he shared that it’s about being something to help fulfill happiness and something that helps someone achieve a lifestyle.
    • Live every day creating value. Give more than expected.

We owe a huge thanks to the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation for inviting us to attend their Entrepreneurial Bridge event. It was held at the Hormel Historic Home in Austin, Minnesota. The event was a gathering of leaders in the entrepreneurial community and student entrepreneurs.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer Merchant Account integration, WooCommerce integration, Automated Marketing Services, and more.

Thinking of opening a boutique? 6 questions to ask yourself as you dig in.

Who are you? How do you want your boutique to express you and connect with your customers? What’s your why?

Opening up a boutique involves a lot of questions. Finding answers to those questions involves research and soul searching. Many of those answers need to be found before you open your doors, yet some answers will only come after some experience.


6 Important Questions to Ask Yourself as You Begin

Q: Are you crazy for even thinking of opening a retail business?

A: While some worry about the end of retail as we know it, there’s still a place in the market for new boutiques and stores. “Everyone wonders what the end game is in the Amazonification of retail,” said Tom Geniesse, owner of successful Manhattan wine store Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit. “I’m not sure anyone really knows. But I think a lot of mediocre businesses will die. And I also think that businesses that offer a unique, high touch, high value service will thrive into the future.”

Q: Will my business be okay if I don’t have a high-intensity salesperson on my showroom floor?

A: Yes, of course it will. “A store’s success, I feel, is based on having a quality product, reasonable prices, and great customer service,” said Zak Peterson, co-owner of Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Stores in Waite Park, Minnesota. “Being pushy and overbearing are definitely not qualities we have. We like a laid back and easygoing atmosphere.” It’s all about the vibe you want to have your customers experience.

Q: Who are you?

A: Okay, so we don’t have a good answer for that, since we might not have met you yet. Communicating who you are through your boutique establishes your style and where your store fits in the local marketplace. For example, PayGo Headquarters is located in Rochester, Minnesota — my hometown. If I want to buy playful, whimsical gifts I shop at Tangerine’s. When I need an outfit that is the right mix of staple and trendy, Mainstream Boutique is my go-to. And, when I want to add some decor for my home, or to buy a local artisan’s work, Dwell Local has what I want. Each store does reflect its owner’s personality and interests. If you’re going to take the time to open up a store, that store should be a space that you’re excited to be in, that welcomes customers who get you and love how you’ve curated the place.

Q: Where should you open up shop?

A: In The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business, Martha Stewart shares this insightful story: Manhattan is a huge market for paint, but interestingly, Sherwin-Williams executives have explained to me why they do not have many stores in the city. Paint cans are heavy and unwieldly to carry, so unless you can provide parking right next to your establishment, it is sheer folly to open a paint store. Take some time to think about how your location could impact your ideal customer.

Q: Once you have customers, how will you keep them?

A: Cultivate loyalty. “I have frequent buyer programs that my customers love so much,” said Rebecca Combs of Design & Adorn in Tucson, Arizona. She offers her customers a reward program has 4 different tiers. They do not have a waiting period, so customers can use their rewards as fast as they earn them. “It [PayGo] auto-prints out their gift certificate. We can click into the credits field and see the unredeemed credits. When they’re redeemed they vanish, so you don’t accidentally use them twice. No punch cards needed.”

Q: How will I find the time to do everything a person needs to do to run a successful boutique?

A: Automate, delegate, and learn from those succeeding in the marketplace now. Great software, like PayGo’s Point of Sale solution can help you manage everything from customers to inventory to marketing. Taking a little bit of time to set up processes can save many dollars and hours down the road. The old adage, “A stitch in time saves 9,” is true. Hire employees and select vendors with care. Seek out trade organizations and mentors who can help you fill your cup with what you need to continue building your boutique dream.

Q: Are there more questions you’ll need to answer?

A: Yes. This blog post is just a starting point. Thankfully, there are several free resources online. You may want to look at one of the many business planning templates available for free online. One of my favorites is Business Boutique’s.

If you want to know how point of sale software can help you begin your business on the right foot (and save those stitches in time), connect with us. Send an email to We love to hear from you.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer Merchant Account integration, WooCommerce integration, Automated Marketing Services, and more.

3 Questions to Help You Make the Merry Most of 2018’s Holiday Shopping Season

Merry Marketing

Yes, we’re already thinking about the holidays. Are you?

It’s hard to imagine anyone more well-acquainted with the hectic frenzy that is the holiday season than the independent retailer. You have so many people to keep happy and so many to-do’s to get done. During the holiday season of opportunity, opportunities are often missed. With a bit of prior preparation, you can seize more opportunities than ever before.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the Merry Mayhem Begins:

#1 Do holiday shoppers know that you have the items on their must-buy list? Most customers still make their purchases within the walls of a brick-and-mortar store, yet many start their shopping process online. That process could begin with an online search for a specific item, or with browsing. If they don’t see the the fabulousness you have to offer online, they might not make time to shop your store. Give them the information and inspiration they need to walk through your door. Learn how you can Woo them your way.

#2 How personal are you making your customer’s shopping experience? Before commercials, computers, and digital the best way to keep a customer coming back was to keep it personal. As the adage goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Customers love it when you keep it personal with them. In today’s world there are so many tools available to help you keep your customer’s experience with your store personal:

  • Enter their name into your software, so that later on you can look up their previous purchases.
  • Email them a receipt that also invites them to follow your social pages.
  • Send automated emails that are relevant to them.
  • Build loyalty through programs that you can make the rules to.

#3 Are you keeping hassles away? When it gets busy, mistakes start to happen. The more steps involved in a process, the more opportunity there is for human error. Since the robot takeover hasn’t happened yet, human error is still a big part of everyday life. Having an integrated payment processing solution prevents one of the most painful potential errors at the point of sale from happening: entering the wrong amount on a payment. One misplaced decimal point could cost your store a lot of money.

We want you to have a happy hectic holiday season. That’s why we’ve built tools and created integrations to help you better serve your customers. Put those tools to work in your store before the merry madness begins. Contact our Sales Team by emailing, or calling 866.545.7047 ext. 1.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer Merchant Account integration, WooCommerce integration, Automated Marketing Services, and more.

It’s Time to Start Emailing Receipts with PayGo EM

The Paper Receipt Problem

What do you do with your receipts? Most of mine reside at the bottom of my tote until I get sick of digging through them to find my keys. Then, they go into the recycling bin.

Paper Receipts

Sometimes when I’m asked by the sales clerk, or cashier if I want my receipt, I say no. Then, I hope that they have a recycling bin and aren’t just adding the wasted paper to a landfill. How about you?

Sure, there are times that I’d like to reference my receipts. Yet, there’s no way that I have time to sort through and organize more little pieces of paper. If I had access to them online, I would have a look at them. Now that I think about it, that may be a reason to shop online despite being pro shopping local.

Solution: Start Emailing Receipts

As an independent retailer you can save trees, money, and help your customers out by emailing receipts with PayGo EM.
Why email out digital receipts?

  • Keep your customer happy and your customer’s wallet, tote, or purse clutter-free.
  • Improve your customer list for future marketing. You can even use PayGo to automate your marketing. For details click here.
  • Give your customers more on the receipt than your store’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Make it easy for them to follow you on social media by having links to your Facebook, Instagram, and more on the email receipt.
  • Save money on receipt rolls, printers, and ink.
  • Be good to the environment. According to Green America, “Every year in the United States, receipts use 10 million trees, 21 billion gallons of water and generate 686 million pounds of waste and 12 billion pounds of CO2.”

Digital Receipt

Ready to ditch the paper receipt slips? Contact PayGo’s Sales Team by emailing or calling 866.545.7047 ext. 1.
In addition to ridding your store of paper receipts, PayGo EM allows you to send out quotes, sell classes, and send class reminders. Click here for more details.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer Merchant Account integration, WooCommerce integration, Automated Marketing Services, and more.

Wine Store Success Story: Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit uses PayGo's Wine Store POS

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit has been called “…the most user-friendly wine shop in New York.”  Bloomberg describes the wine store as cheery and gives it some love for layout and its staff’s advice. It has made Eater New York’s Where to Try Wine list. Owner Tom Geniesse has been on CNBC making recommendations for candy, wine, and spirit recommendations for a Halloween themed tasting.

Geniesse opened Bottlerocket’s doors back in 2002. He began it with a desire to improve the wine shopping experience for customers like himself. Today, he continues to innovate and seek out ways to better serve customers wherever they are at in their wine, whiskey, or other spirit journey. Geniesse shared a bit about what it takes to make it in the wine and spirit world.

Q: What inspired your decision to own a wine store in New York City?

A: I fell in love with wine when I was busy founding an e-learning company in Los Angeles. I found great stores and was eager to learn, but was personally frustrated that they didn’t do more to help me choose well. I decided to stop grumbling about it and see if I could come up with a better design. Bottlerocket was born.

Q: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the wine industry since you opened Bottlerocket in 2002?

A: Many more smart, talented and passionate people have entered the industry, increasing competition. Consumers are more adventurous, which is fantastic. Alternative packaging is exploding.

Q: Why did you choose to merchandise your store and your store’s website by theme?

A: Not everyone is a wine expert, but everyone knows why they need wine. You know what you’re cooking for dinner, or who you are giving a gift to. We designed a customer experience that is intuitive, fun and useful. Then we patented it!

Q: You provide your customers wine notes with every bottle they purchase. Why did you feel it was important? How do you think it’s impacted your business?

A: From day one we have given every customer a set of notes on every bottle they buy. Our secret mission is to educate our customers and help them build confidence. That growth and education happens when a person has the wine in a glass in front of them and the information alongside. Knowledge, one bottle at a time.

Q: What prompted your desire to email out the wine notes instead of printing them in your wine store?

A: The environment and convenience. It’s magic to buy a bottle and have the receipt and our notes land in your inbox seconds later. How cool is that? And think of the paper we are not wasting, and the toner, and time for everything to print!

Q: What role does software and technology play in your wine store?

A: PayGo, with our custom approach, is key to the experience we offer and key to our success. Our website is getting better, stronger, faster. And we have been working with The Mars Agency and Amazon Alexa to use with voice as an assistant to help customers choose a whiskey. At Bottlerocket, we like to lead not follow.

Q: How do you see the wine store business evolving?

A: Everyone wonders what the end game is in the Amazonification of retail. I’m not sure anyone really knows. But I think a lot of mediocre businesses will die. And I also think that businesses that offer a unique, high touch, high value service will thrive into the future.

Q: What have the keys to your success been?

A: Thinking from the point of view of a customer. Creativity. Perseverance. And a great team!

Q: Now that you’ve been running a successful wine store for 16 years, what advice would you give?

A: Call me. We might need another Bottlerocket where you live!

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer Merchant Account integration, WooCommerce integration, Automated Marketing Services, and more.

Get Your Kicks with PayGo 6

New Look. More Power. Introducing PayGo 6.

Looks aren’t everything. Yet, would you rather enjoy an ocean view with pristine beaches, or a littered landscape overlooking a mud pit? Here at PayGo HQ, we took a gamble and chose to go with the former for our customers. We’ve eliminated the clutter from the interface in favor of simplicity. Now it’s easier than ever before to move from task to task within PayGo’s point-of-sale software.


PayGo New Look

PayGo Central

PayGo Central Screens are informative action spots where you can get a captain’s view of  your store. View what matters with simplicity. There are central screens for top sellers, best performing vendors and customers, class registration, and more.

Sales Central

Customer Central

Product Central

Purchase Order Central

Vendor Central

Events Central

Consignment Central

Admin Central

Graph o Matic

Simple color-coded shapes are easier and more enjoyable to view than tedious lines of tiny digits that go on and on like your cousin Phil at family gatherings. Could someone just get to the point already so we know whether to laugh, or cry? PayGo can. That’s why PayGo 6 is loaded with charts and graphs that look cool and provide you with quick, easy information on how your store is doing.

PayGo Display (Coming Soon)

PayGo Display

PayGo Display turns your iPad into a marketing tool. With it you can use checkout time to tell your customers about upcoming sales and events going on at your store. They’ll appreciate being in the know and seeing what is being rung up on the register. Customers can even enter in their email address with the display, so you don’t have to try typing in without error.

Get the demo!

You can give it a run by getting a demo. You can do that here.