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Merchant Account Integration with PayGo

Merchant Accounts

EMV Certified Integration Solution

PayGo has integrated with Paygistix®, a payment solution developed by Payment Logistics™ to provide our merchants with an integrated credit card processing solution designed to minimize the scope of PCI DSS compliance and greatly reduce the potential of a data security breach while adding support for important payments technologies including EMV, NFC, tokenization, point-to-point encryption, signature capture and more!

A word about NFC Payments

NFC Payments involving digital wallets like ApplePay, Samsung Pay, as well as many others are becoming increasingly popular in the US and can decrease transaction times. Promoting the use of NFC payments in your store with additional signage (available from Payment Logistics at no cost) is highly suggested – especially for busy stores. For more information on NFC payments check out this site –

 Equipment Options

 The Paygistix® integration supports multiple EMV payment devices including:

o   S300 (Recommended): Great functionality at an affordable price.  Customer-facing, smaller form multi-lane signature capture device similar to the “Big Box” stores.  Features EMV / Chip Cards processing, magnetic stripe processing, signature capture, graphic display for your logo, and NFC (ApplePay, Samsung Pay, etc.) processing. Stands and wall mounts are available.

o   S80: Merchant facing workhorse device that can act as a backup in the event your PayGo system goes down (i.e. computer crashes, etc.). Works with EMV / Chip Cards, NFC (ApplePay, Samsung Pay, etc.) and magnetic stripe cards. Stands and wall mounts are available.

o   D210: Wireless (Wi-Fi and/or cellular) processing device with signature capture capabilities.  Great for situations where adding additional cables is prohibitive.  Works with EMV / Chip Cards, NFC (ApplePay, Samsung Pay, etc.) and magnetic stripe cards.

Merchant Accounts

Payment Logistics promises to both match existing merchant services rates and waive all gateway fees for merchants processing with them. This way our valued PayGo clients can move forward with data security and processing technology without gateway fees and maintain the competitive processing rates they’ve worked hard to establish.

Why Payment Logistics?

We’ve worked with these guys for a long time and it’s always been great! We’re strong partners who are dedicated on working together to help you, the awesome retailer. 

We recommend working with Payment Logistics, for your merchant account needs because:

1)      They will eliminate all gateway fees

2)      They eliminate third-party vendors to speed up support needs

3)      They have guaranteed to match (or beat) your existing processing rates


High-speed internet connection.

Need Credit Card Processing Support?

Payment Logistics, our Merchant Account provider’s emergency support number is 888.972.9564. It’s staffed by Payment Logistics. Calling 888.972.9564 is the fastest way to receive credit card processing support from Payment Logistics.

Let's Start Taking Credit Cards Now!

To apply for the PayGo Merchant Account, obtain information on Paygistix or order an EMV payment device, please contact Payment Logistics:

Call Payment Logistics

Call 888-572-9564 Sales Code 1423

Visit Payment Logistic's Site

Need a little bit more info, check out their site.

Prefer to email? No problem. e-mail