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Too busy? Too slow? We can help!

Remember that post you were going to do before you noticed that merchandise display that needed fixing, before the customers came in for that perfect something, before the vendor’s rep reminded you that if your order isn’t placed today it won’t arrive in time for the holiday, customer, or season you need it for? You know, that one you were going to post, pin, and send an email out about it just as soon as you had time…

PayGo offers Marketing Services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your retail business. We can post it, pin it, and send it out to your customer base on time, so that your communications with customers are relevant and fresh. Our current Marketing Services include:


Email Marketing

Tried and true with a higher ROI than Social Media, Email Marketing is an integral part of a mighty marketing plan. We have partnered with MailChimp to offer dynamic email marketing solutions to our clients. We can assist with Account Setup, Campaign Templates, Campaign Execution, Content Creation, and more.

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All it takes for success on Facebook is posting content that is relevant to and engaging for your customers, at a time they will see it, on a consistent basis. No time for so many to-dos? We will post on an established schedule based on when your followers are online. We will make adjustments based on data gathered. Gain followers and increase engagement to bring customers through your door by having consistent posts.

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The beauty of a Pin is that it lasts! While it can be fun scrolling through and adding bits of inspiration found on the internet to a board, pinning with purpose requires strategy. Are you adding your company’s information to your pins in a way that will get noticed and increase awareness of your brand? Are your pins getting re-pinned on a regular basis? Are you gaining followers?

If you need help establishing or maintaining marketing efforts for your store, we can help!

New to marketing via email and social media? We can help you get started with Constant Contact’s Email Marketing Services, Facebook, and Pinterest. Why Email, Facebook, and Pinterest? Proven effectiveness over time and ability to post and manage from a distance.

Are you setup with social media and email marketing, but struggling with consistency? Being consistent is a marketing essential. We can help you post on a regular, sensible basis with one of our monthly packages.

As we assist you with your email marketing and social media marketing, we will review analytics, discuss strategy, and brainstorm solutions. We can help with scheduling, editing, content curation, content creation, and analyzing the effectiveness of posts on multiple platforms.

Our ongoing Marketing Package includes:

  • 1 email per month
  • 8 Facebook posts per week
  • 1-hour per week of Pinterest related work (pinning, board creating, etc.)

Do you have other marketing needs? We may be able to assist you with them as well. Let us know what you want to achieve with your marketing and we will put together a custom plan for you.

We work exclusively with small to medium sized independent retailers, because it is the industry we are passionate about and well-versed in. To get started with a Marketing Plan, email us at or call us at 866.545.7047 ext. 1.