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Marketing Monday – Social Media 101

Marketing Monday is a weekly-ish feature about growing your business through (you guessed it) marketing.

Welcome, class! Today we’re going to talk about social media (as you may have gathered from the title).

“I had no idea!”

Social media is one of the best ways to get new customers into your store. It’s a beast all its own; it’s a living, evolving advertisement that can reach new clients in ways you may not have thought about. And it’s increasingly becoming the place where everyone goes to find their new favorite shop, restaurant or venue.

Social media and technology is maligned all the time as the downfall of the generation. But it’s been proven time and again to change the world, it’s connected mankind in a way that was previously inconceivable, and most importantly, it’s not going away any time soon. And if you can’t beat it, then you may as well join it.

Not all social media sites are created equal. So which one is going to get you the most traffic? Here are a few of the biggest sites and how they can work for you:

Google+: Remember when this was the Next Big Thing for social media? Neither do I, but Google likes to give Google+ users preferential treatment for SEO. No, there’s not a whole lot of traffic on the site but it’s important to put in some time on your Google+ profile to bump up your visibility on search results.

Twitter: As we all know, this is everyone’s favorite place to post whatever’s on their mind at any time for any reason, all in 140 characters or less. It’s a popular platform, where memes live and die and anything can go viral with the click of a button. Not one for me personally, because nothing I’ve ever said can fit into 140 characters, but it’s great for short, rapid-fire ads and announcements that can be retweeted and subtweeted all across the internet.

Facebook: Not just for seeing how happy Jenny from high school is with her three kids and HealthiFit sales rep gig. Facebook can be used to advertise local events, post videos and pictures, and connect on a personal level with your customers. Your posts can be shared here too, so this is a good place to find new customers and markets.

Pinterest: Do you have a crafty store? Is your stuff aesthetically appealing? Then Pinterest is the place for you. With over 150 million monthly users, Pinterest can get your products great visibility. But remember to be active, since the site is set up to bring recently shared or pinned content to homepages first.

Instagram: This is a good site for letting your products speak for themselves. Instagram is all picture- and video-based social media, so it’s excellent for posting images of your products as well as any videos you might want to share with your customers.


Yelp/Foursquare: These sites are most often thought of as for customers only, but you can use them too! Both sites have business pages where you can post blogs and talk directly to your customers.


LinkedIn: This is a good site if your customers are other businesses. It’s like networking, but you don’t have to actually go out and talk to people.


YouTube: Here’s where you go to show off your video-making chops. YouTube is great for businesses that want to demonstrate, advertise though movies or just show off what they have. It’s also the most popular search engine. That’s right, more popular than Google. The comment section is a notorious cesspool, though, so beware.


SnapChat: This is the quintessential flash advertising app. Short videos and pictures are viewed by subscribers in up to 10-second increments and disappear after a day. This one is extremely popular for the younger generation, so if you’re trying to appeal to The Youths, SnapChat is a good place to start.

Tumblr: It’s easy to think of Tumblr as the place for weird fanfic and hipsters with pet rabbits and homeopathic mustaches, but it’s a cultural hub for many demographics. If you’re looking to curate a hip clientele, then Tumblr is a good place to start.


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