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Marketing Monday: Advertise Outside the Box with Guerrilla Marketing

Anyone who goes into business knows that marketing is everything. It’s what most effectively and efficiently lets the world know that you have something to offer them, instead of settling for wishing, waiting, and the occasional voodoo spell. Most people think of marketing as fancy, professionally designed advertisements or commercials. Sometimes that’s just not a fit for your business. That’s where guerrilla marketing comes in.

I’ll get the big disappointment out of the way: guerrilla marketing doesn’t involve business-casual office workers crawling through the bushes and throwing branded keychains at unsuspecting pedestrians (although I would absolutely give all of my disposable income to any business that actually did that). Instead, guerrilla marketing refers to the practice of using creative and unconventional methods to cheaply and effectively advertise for your business. It’s different and less expensive than the usual marketing methods, it catches consumer’s attention in a unique way, and it may be a perfect fit for you.

Get Your Name Out

There are a lot of ways to increase you or your business’s name and brand visibility around town and online. You could do something as simple as leaving your business cards around town in places that might relate to your business. You could sponsor and attend an event, since most events list their sponsors prominently in their promotional materials and a sponsorship could be quite cheap. Or, you could go with something everyone loves and get your business name printed out on M&Ms or other sweet treats and hand them out at events, gatherings, or just to people and businesses.

Make it Fun

Everyone loves giveaways and contests! They’re a fun way to get the community together and talking about how great you are. Maybe you could raffle off a few items, or even some classes and events. For a one-two marketing punch, get all entrants to submit their email addresses – and add them to your newsletter. You could also give away branded things like keychains, bumper stickers, or even temporary tattoos to your customers, so they can have free stuff and you can have a whole army of marketers.

Do Good Things

Helping others is always a good move, but if you can help others while working in some low-key promotion, it benefits everyone. I’m not saying do something nice simply for the benefit of your business, of course. However, there’s no harm in snagging a bit of credit for the good of your company. For instance, you could volunteer with a charity while wearing something branded with your business, or you could organize a blood drive at your store. People respond well to kindness and good deeds, and they’ll remember your name in a positive way.

Thank Your Customers

One fundamental truth of advertising is, there’s no marketing substitute for a happy customer. They will talk up your business more effectively than any commercial, ad, or skywriter ever could. So how do you make your customers happy? Well, you could throw a customer appreciation day. You could also offer a loyalty or frequent buyer program to keep your customers coming back and bringing friends.

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