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Make Your Software Work for You with PayGo Services

You already know that PayGo is the flexible POS.

We’re customizable, and we’re darn proud of it.

For over seventeen years we’ve been helping our customers find the perfect solutions for their stores, whether it’s for in-store customer kiosks, a bevy of product demands or online inventory management. Retailers keep throwing feature curve-balls and we keep knocking them out of the park. 

We’ve solved so many point-of-sale conundrums and quandaries over the years! Do you want to try to stump us? 

You say jump, we say “Sure thing, but this is a software company,” and when we get back from the emergency room we’ll customize your point-of-sale software to the hilt.

We aim to please, after all.

(just please don’t make us aim). 

However, we know that not every business needs their software tweaked and polished into an ultra-specific marvel of technical engineering.

And that’s awesome! 

But with all of the customization capability, it  doesn’t mean we don’t have some extra ready-to-go goodies up our sleeves.

Goodies Such As...

Little paper receipts are fickle beasts. They live in the corners of purses or crumpled up under car seats, scampering out occasionally to flutter across parking lots, stick themselves to damp water bottles or simply get lost forever underneath a pile of neglected mail. If they were any more wild and feral, they’d come with narration by David Attenborough. 

But what if you need your receipts to be interactive, ultra-informative or just a bit more robust? Those tiny paper receipts aren’t gonna hack it.

PayGo EM is an emailable receipt service that allows you to send customer receipts, quotes and invoices via email, allowing you the opportunity to give receipts that are more detailed and less …flighty. 

Now you can automatically mail your website and app links, warranty information, class details and more with highly-customizable, specially designed forms for all of your non-tiny-receipt-based needs.

Your aunt Carol has been bugging you to start selling her paintings. They’re not without their charms, admittedly; the market for animals wearing hilarious hats has traditionally been a robust one. But commission work can be sticky.

PayGo Consign’s self-service consignor portal will let aunt Carol know when Dogs in Togs is sold, as well as consignor information about contracts, purchase orders and invoices, without you having to field daily inquiries.

Are we saying PayGo Consign could solve retail-based family squabbles?  

Yes. Yes we are.

We’re living in the future, and your customers expect you to have an online retail presence. That’s because online shopping takes away the sting of living in history’s most science fictionally-sounding millennium but not having rocket packs or robot butlers yet.

PayGoCart lets your customers enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own (disappointingly non-levitating) homes!

Pull down incoming online orders with one button click. Easily add your existing inventory to your online store and create coupons and online discounts from the comfort of your (also disappointingly non-levitating, but we’re working on it) PayGo software.

It’s 7 PM on New Year’s Eve, you haven’t slept since before the Christmas rush and you have exactly five hours to receive a new shipment and do physical inventory before the ball drops. 

You’d like to finish up quickly and enjoy the evening for more than a few minutes before everyone gets partied out and goes home while you’re still trying to find your amusing novelty glasses.

FancyFree is the app for that!

(for the inventory part, at least.)

Forget about paper lists, hand-checking inventory records or weird counting machines. Use your own iOS mobile device to receive, scan and count inventory with zero spreadsheet-based effort from you, which frankly, is the best amount of effort.

Communication is key in every good relationship, which is why I tell my air conditioner I love it every day. But even stronger than the love between a gal and her HVAC appliance is the bond between retailer and customer base.

Your shoppers love you, and they need to know what you’ve got going on!

Do you throw events, classes or other unspecified shindigs? Are you expanding your product line? Or do you just want your customers to know you were thinkin’ about them today and by the way they look great with that new haircut?

PayGo MC is the perfect solution for customer base communication! Set up marketing groups in your existing PayGo Customer Accounts to send your beloved customers targeted marketing based on their previous purchases, customer interests, Zodiac signs, or suggested product maintenance.

Sometimes, a rosé is more than just a rosé, and that is the joke that will get me demoted to intra-office newsletter duties.

Originally conceived as an in-house iPad kiosk to assist discerning shoppers by finding the perfect wine varieties and pairings based on their specifications and taste, Wineder (get it??) is the ultimate resource for product recommendations, supplemental information and customer service.

Your customers can use the front-facing PayGo Wineder app to search your inventory in a system designed around your own prodigious product knowledge, expert recommendations and time-tested experience. It’s the closest technology we can get to a crystal ball!

(so far.)

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