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Managing Vendors in PayGo – An Overview


PayGo POS Main Menu - New Vendor : Consignor

Click the New Vendor/Consignor button on the Main Menu to access PayGo’s Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen.

At the top of the screen, you will see the following buttons: Close, Consignor Agreement, Send Credentials, Print Labels, Consignment List, and Paid Sales.

When you click the Close button, any information entered into the screen will be saved.

If you sell consignment inventory, you may want to establish a Consignor Agreement within PayGo. This can be done within Consignment Central in the Settings tab. Clicking the Consignor Agreement button within the Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen will bring up a print prompt for printing out the Consignor Agreement.

The Send Credentials button is for Consignors who use our PayGoConsign tool. Clicking the button will send login information for your customer to access your PayGoConsign portal. You can learn more about our PayGoConsign tool by clicking here.

There are four tabs at the top of the Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen: Information, Products, Sales, and Linked Customer.

PayGo POS Vendor:Consignor:Manufacturer Entry Screen Top Tabs

When the screen comes up, it defaults to its most popular tab, Information.

Taking the time to complete the fields in the Information tab will save you time as you generate, wait for, and receive in purchase orders. It will also enable members of your team to solve problems without having to ask the person who placed the order. For instance, if they’re checking in merchandise against a purchase order that has the vendor/sales rep’s information on it and there’s a defective product or missing items – they can follow up with the vendor. Or, if a customer comes in and needs to know when a product will arrive, by looking at the purchase order, whomever is assisting the customer can take the time to call and double-check on when a product will be shipping.

Basic fields to complete: Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone Number, Fax Number, Email, and Website.

Having the vendor’s email address entered in the Email field allows you to email the vendor from PayGo by clicking on the Envelope icon next to the field. PayGo will activate your default email program to facilitate this. Note: PayGo does not track or store the email you send. 

Having the vendor’s website entered into the Website field allows you to visit their website from PayGo by clicking on the World icon next to the field.

Beyond the Basic Fields

Account Number: If your vendor has an account number for you, you would store that here.

Payment Terms: In this field, you can enter the default payment terms that would appear on your purchase orders with this vendor.

Min Order Amount: If the vendor you are entering information on has a minimum order amount, you could enter that in this field.

Record Type: Select which type of record you are creating: Vendor, Supplier, Manufacturer, Consignor, or Other.

Comments: These comments are stored with the vendor record and do not appear on any purchase order or report.

PayGo POS Vendor Consignor Manufacturer Entry Screen Picture Field and Export Image Import Image Buttons

Picture Field: You can use the Import Image button to put an image into the Picture field. When you do, the title assigned to the image on your computer will automatically populate into the field below. If you’d like, you can delete the title and enter in a new one.
  PayGo POS Vendor Consignor Manufacturer Entry Screen Products Tab

In the Products tab of the Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen, you can view the products you’ve entered into inventory for this vendor. You can see how successful this vendor’s products are for your store in this tab. Being able to easily view the item, type, commission percentage, price, amount on hand, and the amount sold in this screen can assist in making future purchase decisions.

Do you carry consignment products? Click on the Sales tab to get more of a grasp on how your consignors are doing for you within a set date range.

PayGo POS Vendor Consignor Manufacturer Entry Screen Sales Tab

One other consignment vendor specific tool within PayGo’s Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen is the Linked Customer tab.

PayGo POS Vendor Consignor Manufacturer Entry Screen Linked Customer Tab

In the Linked Customer tab, enter the basics you need to know when you’re working with this consignor as a customer. Fields available for entry include: Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone Number, Fax Number, Email. If your consignor is entered into your PayGo software as a customer, you can enter information into a field or two and then click the Jump to Customer button. This will link the customer to their consignment information.

There are 3 tabs at the bottom of the Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen: Contacts, Performance, and Adjustments.

PayGo POS Vendor:Consignor:Manufacturer Entry Screen - Bottom Tabs - Contacts


Add in additional contacts related to the vendor or consignor in this area. Available fields in this section include: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Extension. There is a Find button (the magnifying glass) and a Delete button (the trash can) on each line. Perform searches and delete contacts with ease using the buttons. As you begin to enter information for a contact, the fields below will open so that you can enter a next one if you have one.

PayGo POS Vendor:Consignor:Manufacturer Entry Screen Bottom Tabs - Performance


Quick analyze the performance of a vendor or consignor by date range. In this section you can view the Quantity Sold, Total Last Cost, Total Average Cost, Margin Last Cost, Margin Average Cost, and the Total Sales (dollar amount) for the Vendor/Consignor.

PayGo POS Vendor:Consignor:Manufacturer Entry Screen Bottom Tabs - Adjustments


Adjustments are applied any time you process payments for a Consignor or a Resale Vendor. Available fields in this section include: Created, Item ID, Name, Amount, Notes for Vendor, Type (monthly, yearly, one-time), Last Applied (for the date the adjustment was last applied).

PayGo’s Point of Sale Software helps independent retailers keep track of  and manage vendors, consignors, and inventory. It’s one of the most important jobs that point of sale software has.

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