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Workstation Preference Settings

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Workstation Preference Settings

Your PayGo software can be easily configured to suit your preferences, from invoice popups to screen selections. Within your Workstation Setup screen, you will find all kinds of ways to make your software suit you! Parameter settings can be set within the Settings tab of your Workstation Setup screen, accessible via your Admin Central screen. This article will cover the parameters set within the Preference option. 

Workstation Preference Settings

param_assign_gift_card: This yes/no setting will se whether a gift card or gift certificate sale must be assigned to a customer account.

param_default_entry_screen_on_login: This will set which Central Screen will automatically open upon login.

param_default_zoom: This will set whether your PayGo software to zoom (enlarge) the default screen size on your workstation. This value is set in percentages, where 100 is the default (100%) size.

param_delete­_warning: This will set whether your workstation will prompt a window to ask if you’re sure you want to delete when removing a record from your software.

param_find_pref: This will set the default Find method you prefer to use. Your options are Fields (the fields found on your screens) or Menu (the Find buttons accessed on your Menu).

param_hide_login_ad: This yes/no setting will set whether you would like to hide the PayGo Ad (also known as PayGo News) on your workstation’s Login screen. The PayGo Ad can be set by clicking the PayGoDisplay Setup button on your Admin Central screen.

param_lock_till_start: This yes/no setting will set whether the Till Starting Amount will be locked upon creation of each new till. The Till Starting Amount can be set within the Invoice tab on your Workstation Setup screen.

param_menu_screen: This sets which type of Menu Screen you would like to use. Your options are Central, Detail and Simple.

param_paygo_faceit: This is whether or not (On/Off) your workstation will run in PayGo FaceIT mode.

param_payperiod_length: This is where you can set your store’s pay period length (in days).

param_restrict_to_store_id: This yes/no setting will set whether or not your workstation will only show sales from its assigned Store ID.

param_share_till: This yes/no setting will set whether or not your workstation will share a till with other workstations at your location.

param_show_opensorta_buttons: This yes/no setting will set whether or not you can access OpenSorta buttons on your workstation. This setting is for OpenSorta customers only.

param_time_zone: This is where you will set your workstation’s time zone.

param_workstation_tax_1 and param_workstation_tax_2: If you’d like your workstation to use alternative tax rates, you would set them in these two parameters. Tax rates are primarily set within your Company Settings screen.

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