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What’s The Difference Between an Open Sale and a Hold?

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What's The Difference Between an Open Sale and a Hold?

PayGo offers two ways to suspend a transaction: Open Sales, and sales Holds. While both actions will allow you to exit out of a sale without completing or discarding it, they serve two different purposes. 

NOTE: For convenience, your PayGo software refers to both held transactions and layaways as Holds.

Open Sales

Let’s say that you have two customers in line at your register. Customer A is in the middle of a transaction, and they decide they would like to do some more shopping. While they’re shopping, Customer B still needs to pay for their items. Instead of cancelling out the Customer A’s transaction, you can simply click the Close button on your Sales Screen. This action will turn Customer A’s transaction into an open (meaning, not yet finalized) sale. With that transaction out of the way, you can now ring up Customer B’s items without having to lose anything on Customer A’s invoice. And when Customer A is ready to resume checkout, you can access their transaction by clicking the Open Sales button on your central Sales screen, or by clicking on the Open Sales button at the top of your Sales Screen, and selecting Customer A’s transaction.


To put a sale on hold, you will need to have the customer entered in your PayGo software. While in your Sales Screen, select the customer, and then add their items as you would with any regular transaction. At any time during this transaction, you are able to place the transaction on hold by clicking the Hold button at the top of your Sales Screen. The words “OnHold” will appear at the top of the screen. To finish the transaction, you can click the Close button to exit the Sales Screen. To access held items, click the Sales On Hold button on your Invoice List screen (accessed via the Open Sales button on your central Sales screen. This will take you to the Sales List screen, where you can click on any transaction to bring it back to the Sales Screen. From there, you can either complete or make payments on the transaction.

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