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The PayGo Spooler in WebDirect

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The PayGo Spooler in WebDirect

Receipt, label print jobs, and credit card transactions in PayGo WebDirect are processed using a FileMaker Pro connection to the PayGo server. It’s called the PayGo Spooler.  When PayGo WebDirect is installed on your computer, your PayGo Technician will install the Open PayGo Spooler file on one computer per store. They will ask to put it on the desktop of the computer in your store that is handling the majority of print-related functions.  That computer is then considered the Spooler Computer

Your Open PayGo Spooler file will look like:

Open PayGo Spooler Mac
Mac OS
Open PayGo Spooler Windows
Windows OS





Steps for starting the PayGo Spooler:

1. On the Spooler computer, double-click on the Open PayGo Spooler file, which should be located on your computer’s desktop.

2. In the user name field, enter your PayGo user name. (Any PayGo user can be entered here.)

3. In the user password field, enter the user’s PayGo password.


4. Click the orange arrow next to the password field.

5. If the Specify Store ID is empty, select your Store ID from the dropdown.

6. Click the Run As PayGo Spooler button.


The spooler will now process all print jobs as they are generated.


Leave the window open to allow the PayGo Spooler to continue running. If you’d like, you can minimize the application. Once started, the PayGo Spooler can continue to run without any interaction. It should only turn off and require restarting if the computer is shut down.

Important Tips to make sure your PayGo Spooler is spooling and printing:

  1. Do NOT delete your printer and re-add it. This will lead to further problems for printing and it will NOT fix the printing issue.
  2. Check to see if your printer (in your OS settings) is paused.
  3. Check to see if your printer is turned on.
  4. Do NOT move your printer to a different USB port.
  5. Make sure your workstation profile is set to use the PayGo Spooler. You do this by going to your PayGo Admin Central Screen > Workstation Setup > Settings tab > Printing > Change param_use_paygo_spooler to Y

Background: Because of shortcomings when printing to Receipt and Label printers via a web browser, we developed a way to process print jobs using a FileMaker Pro connection to the PayGo server.


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