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System Backups and Disaster Recovery Plans

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System Backups and Disaster Recovery Plans

It is up to you to create your backup and disaster-recovery plan! As with any software program, it’s very important to backup PayGo as much as possible. It is also very important to have an off-site backup in the event you experience a disaster of some sort.  

IMPORTANT: Before backing up, you MUST QUIT completely out of PayGo on ALL computers. If you are in a MULTI-USER environment, you need to be at the computer that is designated the MAIN (or HOST) COMPUTER, which hosts the database files.

To backup PayGo, you must backup up the entire PayGo program folder. The method you use will vary. These are the locations of the PayGo files:

On Mac OS X, the PayGo folder is located at: Macintosh HD:Applications:PayGo

Macintosh – External (or secondary) Hard Drive Backup

Pre-preparation: We highly recommend you create a folder on your external drive or secondary drive called “PayGo Backups”  and then create a folder for each day of the week under that.

  1. From inside your Macintosh HD in Finder, locate your PayGo folder (Macintosh HD:Applications:PayGo). Highlight the PayGo folder. Go to your Edit menu. Select Copy.
  2. Go back to your drive listing in Macintosh HD or on your desktop. Find your External or Secondary hard disk drive and double-click it. Find the “PayGo Backups” folder you created before. Then, find the day of the week folder under that  you created. Once you are inside the correct day folder, go up to the Edit menu and select Paste. The computer should start copying files to your external hard disk. This may take a minute or two. If you’ve done a backup before to the folder, it may prompt you to overwrite/replace the files. Say yes to this question.
  3. Your backup is complete!

On Windows, the PayGo folder is located at: C:\Users\Public\PayGo or C:\Users\Public\Documents\PayGo
Saving to a USB Drive:

  1. Connect a USB Drive to your computer.
  2. From inside your “My Computer”, locate your PayGo folder.Highlight the PayGo folder and copy it.
  3. Go back to your drive listing in “My Computer.” Find your USB drive and double-click it. Paste the folder you copied in step 2.
  4. Your backup is complete!

Another option is to use backup software, such as CrashPlan or similar. You can read more about CrashPlan’s software and other options here.

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