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How Do I Split a Check for Restaurant Orders?

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Splitting checks by hand can be a hassle. Luckily, PayGo has you covered! Your Restaurant – Touch workstation screen allows you to assign seats to guests, orders to seats and checks to orders! Don’t follow? Read along below to find out how!

Your PayGo software is set up so you can split guest checks evenly, or per each guest at a table.

Splitting Checks

On your Restaurant – Touch Sale screen, when all items have been added to the table’s order click the Split button at the top of the page. This will open your Check Split Setup screen.

Along the top of the screen, you will see options to Split Evenly across all diners at the table, or to Split by Guest. For even splits, the check total will be divided by the number of seats at the table, and splits by guest will assign separate checks to each seat listed on this screen. 

If you need to assign seats to orders (Note: this can be done on the Sale screen before dividing up the check as well), click the correct seat (of the buttons labeled 1-10) under Specify Split Destination and then click the Plus button to the left of each line item. This will assign the orders to the proper guest.

When an option to split has been selected and the correct button is clicked, your software will automatically give you the option to print out each guest’s check. The table’s orders will then be split into three different checks, viewable on the Invoice List screen (this will open when the checks are printed). Each guest’s check will have the same Sale ID, but with an added decimal value to each number to denote each individual check.

What if one guest is paying for more than one person but not the entire table?

Simply select the orders the guest will be paying for, and assign them to the seat of the person paying.

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