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Setting Up Star Receipt Printers for PayGo

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Setting Up Star Receipt Printers for PayGo

PrinterPayGo is capable of printing sale receipts, gift receipts, work orders, credit card authorization slips, and gift certificates via a Star Receipt printer. Our specific recommendation is the Star TSP 100 [See our POS Hardware Page]. We do not support any other model. You may find that other printers work fine with PayGo, but these other devices will not be supported under the PayGo Support Plan.



NOTE: We can set up a Star Receipt Printer for you! Request a POS Hardware / Spooler Remote Installation from our Sales Team by emailing

Installing a Star Printer on your Macintosh:

1. Before plugging in the Star Printer, check for an installation CD. It should have come with your Star Printer. If it did not or if you do not have a CD drive on your computer, you can view download options here.

– Extract and install the package found on the disk
– Plug the printer into the system and turn it on.
– Go into system preferences and into the printer and fax setup.
– Click the + to add the printer.
– Select the star receipt printer and it should find the proper drivers.
– Click Add and then close the print setup windows.
– Open PayGo SaaS from the Menu Screen, click on Settings
– Click on the Printing Tab
– Click the pencil icon next to the reciept_printer_drawer and select the new star printer.

**If you have a drawer that pops and it is hooked up to the star printer click the blue Mac Printer icon in the printer tab of settings. This should launch your browser software and bring you to the http://localhost:631 CUPS printer system.
– From this web page click on manage printers.
– Find the star printer in the list and click on set default options.
– There you will find the cash drawer option and you can change it to open 1 & 2
– Apply the settings and enter your mac username and password to make the change.
– Now the till is ready to pop!

Installing a Star Printer on your PC

– Insert the disk that came with the onscreen instructions. Otherwise, you can download the drivers on Star’s website.
– Plug the printer into the computer and turn it on. The computer should pick it up.

**If you have a drawer that pops and it is hooked up to the star printer you will need to turn on the printer.
– Go to start and click on devices and printers.
– Right click the printer and go to printer properties.
– Open the device settings tab and find the cash drawer option.
-Set 1 & 2 to open before printing.
– Click OK to close the window

Now the drawer is ready to pop!

Most printer errors are something simple these are a few tips that may help. You may also need to contact the manufacture for assistance.
Make sure paper is in and can feed correctly.
Sometimes a brand new roll does the trick.
Check the printer settings on the computer to make sure the printer is not paused or offline.
Sometimes unplugging the USB cord and putting it back will reset many small errors.
Also make sure that there is only one install of the printer.
(Copy 1) means the printer reinstalled and you will need to make the change in PayGo to use the new printer.
Check PayGo settings to make sure the correct printer is selected.

Till not popping.
Check the cord to make sure it is coneected to the drawer and the printer.
This wire may look the same on both ends but needs to be hooked up one way. Check to see if the wire may be reversed end to end.
Go back to the ** area that explains the settings for your OS and check all settings again.

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