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Setting Up Discounts in PayGo

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When a discount is added to a sale, it’s helpful to know why. Your PayGo software allows you to set up discount reasons, which can be applied to any sales invoice with a few quick steps.

Discount reasons can be set in your Workstation Settings screen. You can access this in the following ways:

PayGo 6.0: Click the Admin Central button on your Menu, which will take you to the Admin & Settings screen. From there, you can click the Workstation Setup button at the top of your screen. This will open the Workstation Setup screen.

PayGo 5.9: Click the Settings & Options on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu, where you can click the Workstation button. This will open the Workstation Setup screen.

PayGo 5.6 and Below: Click the Workstation Setup on your Menu Screen.

In your Workstation Setup screen, click the Invoice tab. This will show you a numbered list of invoice settings. On setting number 14, you will see an option for Discount Reasons. In this line, there is a field where you can enter names for various discount reasons (for example: Open Box Sale, Floor Model Sale, Good Will Discount and so on). Next to the field for naming discounts, there is a drop-down field where you can select the Default Discount Method. For this, you are able to choose between applying a Discount AmountPercent off the original price or New Price for the sale item.

Note: You don’t always have to use the default discount method! If you choose to use a different method, you can easily select it when applying the discount.

When you’ve finished adding your discount reasons and default method, click the Done button on the top of the screen. Your changes will be saved automatically.

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