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Creating Serial Numbers for Products

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Creating Serial Numbers for Products

It pays to provide your customers with safety nets for their purchases, such as warranties or serial number tracking in case of malfunction or theft. Luckily, PayGo has built-in serial number and warranty tracking, so both you and your customers can have peace of mind when purchasing from your stores.

PayGo allows you to add serial number and warranty information in either an item’s Product Screen, Inventory Quick Add Screen or even within the Sale Screen when the item is being sold.

Adding Serial Numbers to a New Inventory Item

If you would like to add serial numbers to a new inventory item, you can do so on the Inventory Quick Add Screen within the Ordering box. Click the Y in the Track Serial #? field. This will allow you to add serial numbers when the item is placed on an invoice. 

Note: If you would like to add a warranty to a new inventory item, you will have to either add it in an invoice or go to the item’s Product Screen by clicking the Jump to Item button on the Inventory Quick Add Screen. Information on adding warranties via the Product Screen can be found below.

Adding Serial Numbers to an Existing Inventory Item

To add a serial number to an existing inventory item you must first find the item in question, which you can do via Search or List in your central Products screen. accessed via the Menu. Selecting the item will bring you to its Product Screen.

In the item’s Inventory Screen, click the Serial Numbers tab on the bottom half of the screen. Click the Y in the Track Serial Numbers line. Below this, you will see a list of all serial numbers you have already added for the item (this list will be blank if you haven’t added any yet), along with the Date Received, Date Sold, Store ID and the user the serial number was Created By. If the item assigned to a serial number has sold, the fields for Invoice ID and Customer will be automatically filled in.

To see a full list of all serial numbers, click the List icon above the Customer field. To add a serial number, click the Plus icon to the left of the List icon. This will open the Serial Numbered Item screen. You will be able to add the item’s serial number in the Serial Number field. The fields for the Item Name, Model Number, Manufacturer, SKU, Date Manufactured and Cost may or may not be filled in, depending on whether they have already been entered into the item’s Inventory Screen. The item’s Sold Date field will be filled in automatically when the item is sold.

If you will be adding a warranty to the item, specify the type of warranty you will be extending in the Warranty Type field next to the Sold Date field in the Serial Numbered Item screen. You can specify how long the warranty will be active in the Length field, which can be specified as a number of Days, Months, Years, Weeks or if you’re offering a Lifetime warranty in the drop-down field to the right of the Length field. Alternately, if you want the warranty to expire on a certain date instead of a length of time, you can enter the date in the Expires field. Click Set to the right of the warranty line you would like to use to set the warranty for the item.

Adding Warranties to an Item

You can add warranties to an item either via the Serial Numbered Item screen within the Serial Numbers tab as explained above, or via the Item Details tab in the item’s Product Screen.

Within the Item Details tab, you will be working within the Warranty Information box to the bottom right of the screen. You can add up to three different warranty types.

Note: if you add more than one type of warranty for the item, you will be able to select which one will apply when the item is being sold via the Serial Numbered Item screen that will pop up when the item is added to an invoice. Clicking Set at the end of the warranty line you would like to use will select that warranty for the invoice.

To add a warranty, click the Y in the Warranty? field. If you would like to specify a length of time for the warranty to be in effect, type the number you would like in the (number) field, and then select Day, Month, Year, Week or Lifetime in the Factor field. You can also specify the warranty Type (lifetime, limited, etc.) in the provided field.

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