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Providing System Access and Passwords Within The Help System Account

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Changing Passwords Within Your Help System Account

Sometimes, in order to more comprehensively assist you, PayGo may need to access your computers or accounts. In order to do so, PayGo may ask for your user accounts and passwords. This can be a bit daunting, which is why your Help System account is set up to securely store your passwords, placing the control and access to this sensitive information in your hands.

Note: The Help System is a secure area for your passwords. Any passwords entered in will not be visible on your Help System screens, and you can access, change or remove your passwords from the Help System at any time. PayGo will not access ANY account without your permission. This information is NEVER emailed. 

To add a new account and password, you must first log in to your Help System account.

On your PayGo Help System screen, click the Support button. This will open a screen which will list all of your help tickets, as well as support hours you have used.

Select any ticket by clicking the Arrow icon to the left of the ticket name. This will open the help ticket.

At the top of your ticket screen, click the Add Security Info button. This will open a pop-up screen for your security and login information.

On this screen, you will see fields for the user account or hardware/software Name, Address/URL (if applicable to the account), and Username or Account name. At the end of each line item, you will see a Shield icon. To enter a password for your account, click the Shield. This will open a pop-up window where you can securely enter your password (your password will not be shown when entered). Click OK when done.

When you are done entering your accounts and passwords, click anywhere outside the pop-up window. Your information will be saved.

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