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Print Output Types for Receipts

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Print Output Types for Receipts

Did you know you can easily change the print output type for transaction receipts within your Sale Screen on a customer-by-customer basis? It’s easy! To change print output types, select the output type you’d like to use via the Print Output drop-down menu above the Item box. 

Note: To print receipts, you must first set up PrintNode within your PayGo software.

You will see four options:

Full Page: This will print out your receipt on standard full-page printers.

Receipt: This will print out your receipt on your store’s dedicated Receipt printer.

PDF: This will save your receipt as a PDF file on your computer.

Email: If you are a PayGoEM customer, you can email receipts directly to your customers from the Sale Screen. Note: To email receipts, the customer must first be registered in your Customer Accounts and added to the invoice.

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