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Paying Your Consignors

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The key to a healthy consignor relationship is prompt payment, and PayGo keeps all of your consignor payment info and records in one convenient place, and will even print out your consignor checks!

To create payments for your consignors, access your Consignment Central screen via the Menu. At the top of the screen, click the Show Unpaid Consignment Sales button. This will open your Consignor Pay Review screen.

Across the top of the screen, you’ll see several buttons, as well as fields to enter the Date Range for payments you wish to view.

Close: Clicking this will exit out of the screen and back to your central Consignors screen.

Mark as Paid: This button will mark all records on this page as paid and remove them from the record. When you click this button, you will see a notice stating that all of the records on the page will be marked as paid and removed from the list. This is useful if you write out consignor checks instead of printing them through your software.

Apply Auto Adjmnts (Adjustments): Clicking this button will apply adjustments to each listed consignor on the screen. This can be set in the consignor’s Vendors/Consignors/Manufacturers Entry screen, in the Adjustments tab at the bottom of the page.

Process for Pmt: This button will set up check printing for all of the consignors on your screen.

Print Checks: Clicking this will print checks for all of the consignors on your screen.

Print Report: This will print check detail reports. When clicked, you can select which check detail reports to print by either the check’s numbers or a specific date range.

Clear Pmt Info: This will clear all payment dates and check numbers on the screen. This action cannot be undone.

Below the buttons, you will see transaction records for each unpaid consignment item sold in your stores. These will be organized primarily by Consignors, with the Totals for each consignor indicated in the dark blue lines. This line will show the Sale Price for all of the items sold, Your Money you earned from all consignment sales, and the Consignor Total to be paid by you.

From here, you can proceed to print or write checks for your consignors.

Your PayGo software lets you to print consignors checks automatically. To print checks directly from PayGo, first click the Process for Pmt (payment) button at the top of your screen. A pop-up box will ask you to enter the starting number of the checks you’re printing (this will be recorded automatically in your Check # field on the Consignor Pay Review screen), and any kind of Check Memo to print out as well (entering a memo message will print it on every check printed out in this batch). When this is done, you’ll receive a Notice stating that your checks are ready to print, and any in-store credit issued to the consignors have been activated. You can then either print all checks out by clicking the Print Checks button at the top of the screen, or print out checks individually by clicking the Solo Check button (the Printer icon) at the end of each line item.

If you choose to write checks for your consignors, you can enter the check number for each payment in the Check # column on the Consignor Pay Review screen. When all checks have been written, click the Mark as Paid button to mark all payments and remove them from the list.

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