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PayGo’s Restaurant Touch Workstation

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The service industry can be a whirlwind, and nowhere more so than in the restaurant and food services. There are so many working parts that are needed to keep a restaurant running smoothly, from tables to pricing to inventory. That’s why PayGo has designed their Restaurant Touch workstation! This setting, which can be changed easily in the Workstation Type field on the first page of your Workstation Settings section from your central Admin & Settings screen, will allow you to track tables, diners, split receipts, and kitchen and bar orders with ease!

Central Sales Screen

The first thing you’ll notice with your Restaurant Touch workstation is the addition of the Tables button along the top of your central Sales screen. Clicking this will take you to a customizable layout of each floor of your restaurant, complete with table numbers. When a table is clicked, you will be brought the Sale screen for the diners seated at the table. This way, you can keep a close eye on all of the orders going out to each table and coordinate smoothly with your kitchen and waitstaff to give your customers the excellent service and attention to detail they deserve.

Sales Screen

Your Sales screen is set up to best serve your business as well as your customers. In this screen, you can place food and drink orders not only by table, but by individual seats. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the Split button, which will allow you to easily split a table’s check by person up to ten different diners, or to split a check evenly between all diners at a table. Clicking the Enter Order button at the top of the screen will open a touchscreen where you can add the diner’s meals and drinks, with a field for setting orders per seat. When an item is clicked, it will be added to the table’s sale, with an icon at the end of each line item denoting if the item is for the Kitchen or Bar (if applicable). If you have a restaurant with a separate bar and kitchen area, your PayGo software can be set up to print or send orders separately so all of your diner’s orders go to the right place at the right time. When orders are sent or printed, the Kitchen or Bar icon on each line item will disappear, making it simple to quickly see if an item has been sent to be filled or not. And when it’s time to print out the checks, simply click Receipt Check button at the top of the screen to print out either a single check, or checks that have been set to be split. Payments for each check can be entered into your PayGo software by clicking the Pay button at the top right of the screen.

Your PayGo tech will help you setup printers at installation time.

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