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PayGo’s Restaurant Touch Workstation

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The service industry can be a whirlwind, and nowhere more so than in the restaurant and food services. There are so many working parts that are needed to keep a restaurant running smoothly, from tables to pricing to inventory. That’s why PayGo has designed their Restaurant Touch workstation! This setting, which can be changed easily in the Workstation Type field on the first page of your Workstation Settings section from your central Admin & Settings screen, will allow you to track tables, diners, split receipts, and kitchen and bar orders with ease!


Restaurant Touch - Workstation

Your Restaurant Touch workstation can be set up in your Admin Central screen, accessed via the Menu. 

Within your Admin Central screen, click the Workstation Setup button at the top of the screen. This will open the Workstation Setup screen, where you will select RestaurantTouch in the drop-down field under Workstation Type. Click Done, and your selection will be saved. 

Restaurant Touch -Sale Screen

Your Restaurant Touch Sale screen is set up to be as efficient and intuitive as possible. 

At the center top of your screen, you can set and view the Table the sale is for, as well as the Date and Time the sale is opened. View the open invoices for all tables within your restaurant by clicking the Open Tables button.

Clicking the Tables button at the top of your screen will open your Restaurant Layout screen. The Layout screen is an interactive map of your entire restaurant, showing all open (indicated in white) and occupied (indicated in blue) tables. Clicking on a table will open the Sale screen for the table or create a new Sale screen if the table is being seated.

Your Layout screen can be edited by clicking the orange Pencil button at the top of the screen. Note: You PayGo tech is ready to help you set up your layout screen! Submit a support ticket or contact us for assistance.

Orders can be submitted by clicking the Enter Order button at the top of the screen.

Clicking any of the buttons on your Order screen will add it to the Product List on your Sale screen. You can specify which seat the item is for by entering the seat number in the Seat field at the top left side of the screen, or under the Seat column on your Sale screen. 

When items have been added to the invoice, clicking the Notes (speech bubble) button at the end of each line item will allow you to enter any substitutions or allergy alerts to the order.

When items have been added to the invoice, clicking the Send Print button will send the order to your kitchen’s printer. 

Checks can be split between guests by clicking the Split button. The Split Setup screen allows you to split between guests or divide the check evenly. 

Print a check for your guests by clicking the Guest Check button, and apply payment to the invoice by clicking the Apply Payment button. 


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