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PayGo’s Quantity Ordering Function

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If you buy certain types of inventory in bulk, then you’ll love PayGo’s Quantity Ordering function! The Quantity Ordering function allows you to set a unit type to order, how many of each product per unit is ordered, and the price and cost for the entire unit of purchase.

You can set Quantity Ordering for a product within it’s Product Screen, accessed via your central Products screen. 

Within the Pricing tab on your Product Screen, you’ll see an area labeled Quantity Ordering. Check the “on?” box to turn on Quantity Ordering.

This feature will allow you to set how many of the item you are ordering is purchased per unit (for instance, if the product is sold in a pack that you then break up and sell separately), and will adjust your inventory and unit cost automatically whenever you check the item in through your Purchase Orders.

Note: This feature is identified by it’s UPC barcode, meaning you can buy the item in bulk using the Quantity Ordering UPC as well as a UPC for single purchases of the same item.

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