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PayGo’s Alternate Sizing Function

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PayGo’s Alternate Sizing function allows you to easily control and adjust the price of an item that you sell in different sizes. For instance, if you sell in bulk, you can set the pricing margins or percentage cost and price for that item per pound/ounce/etc. That way, you can change pricing for each size with just a few clicks, and keep track of inventory more thoroughly than if you were to add each size separately. 

You can find Alternate Sizing within the Alt Sizing tab on each product’s Inventory Screen, or through the Department Setup screen (accessed via the Departments button on your central Products screen) if the alternate sizing is the same across an entire department.

Alternate Sizing

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Alternate Sizing
Alternate Size Name Alternate Size Unit Alternate Classification Retail Margin Fee & Waive Fee Discount Percentage & Method Percentage of Unit Sort Price

Alternate Size Name

This is where you name the different sizes you’re adding.

Alternate Size Unit

This is the alternate size’s unit of measurement.

Alternate Classification

If you classify your alternate-sized items beyond names and sizes, you can add that classification here.

Retail Margin

This is where you can add the retail margin percentage for each alternate size. This way, when you change the pricing within the product’s Pricing tab those changes will be reflected for each alternate size you’ve entered.

Fee & Waive Fee

These fields are for setting a flat Fee charge to be added to the calculated price of the alternate size, and the Waive threshold for applying the fee. Setting a Waive Fee will ensure if the price of the item exceeds the waived fee, then the flat Fee will not be applied.

Discount Percentage & Method

This is where you can set a Discount Percentage for the alternate size, as well as set if the discount will be calculated based on the item’s Price or Cost.

Percentage of Unit

If your alternate size involves portioning out of a whole item (such as selling wine by the glass), this field is where you can enter the alternate size’s percentage taken out of the whole product.


This determines the order for the alternate sizes to appear on your Sale Screen.


This is where you set the alternate size’s price.

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