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Fixed bug with discount sales on PayGoCart pulling down from WooCommerce where PayGo was not calculating discount properly.

Fixed bug with PayGo not bringing up a new sale after logging in if workstation setting is set to always create a new sale when logging into PayGo

Fixed bug with “This Script could not be found or has been deleted” when searching for Customer on PayGo Invoice


Added autoadd new adjustment capability to speed up the inventory adjustment process

Added name check to prevent images with names with spaces from being uploaded to WooCommerce

Added check to Sales posting script to prevent Frequent Buyer Points from being awarded when using gift card or certificate as well as coupon.

Tweaked Add On PopUp to be easier to read.

Removed Add and Find Inventory from Retail Touch Screen to remove clutter

Fixed bug with Quantity Popup window on WebDirect

Fixed bug with the QO (Quantity Ordering) box on the PO Order Creation Screen


Added Customer History Suggestions. Users now have the ability to have PayGo present a list of past sales when adding a customer to a sale. A user can click one button to add the same items to a new sale. This is great for places such as coffee shops or quick service cafes.

Updated WooCommerce API to V2 in PayGo

Fixed bug which would intermittently cause issues with bundling a kit

Fixed bug where override price was not being sent to script that adds item to sale


Added OpenSorta script for checking customer record when adding to Sale

Fixed bug with issuing Credit and printing via PrintNode.

Fixed bug where store id was not being set when creating multiple classes


Fixed bug with Printnode Label printing


Fixed bug where PayGo was using company address information instead of store address information when creating Purchase Orders

Fixed bug with Close button on various screens.

Added OpenSorta buttons to new Menu Screen


Added ability to put Gift Cards / Gift Certificates online so PayGo users can then download and activate and send out to customer.

Added printnode support to improve WebDirect printing and ease of printing setup.


Added new security features

Added search field to certificate screen

Added Replace button to Inventory Screen

Added Tax fields to Customer Advanced Search

Added a delete option for tax codes in company setup

Added Home Screen Button throughout PayGo to make getting back to Menu Screen faster.

Fixed bug when using Quick Search on Windows and FileMaker 16 where the list would not show up after the search

Fixed Track Qty? Setting so that if a user specifies N, PayGo will set the Onhand to blank.

Fixed bug with transaction id when doing credits on Payment Logistics

Fixed Dimensions error for PayGoCart integration with WordPress 4.9

Fixed Qty Ordering check box on Return to Vendor to have it automatically update the cost.


Changed paygo_consign file reference to param

Fixed bug when updating onhand for fabric when posting a sale

Fixed bug with Vendor Lookup on inventory entry


Fixed bug with setting Commission Rate for Consignors

Fixed bug with PayGo sometimes not showing unhand counts for kit elements

Fixed bug to have certificate load history to show the correct field before discount

Added new Menu Screen

Enhanced Window handling to prevent resetting of new invoice windows

Fixed bug where Frequent Buyer points were not being subtracted when using certificates or coupons

Fixed bug where PayGo was looking at company state and not location state when checking for out-of-state customers


Modified MenuScreen script to include Halt at the end so it can be called from opensorta

Fixed issue with CC check when there were multiple payment lines.

Added CC lookup ability when clicking payment button. This gives Payment Logistics customers the ability to lookup charges that may have run successfully through on the credit card machine but approval did not come back to PayGo.


Removed CC check button on payment record if payment is posted

Added timeout fix to Webdirect

Fixed issue where Standard users could not void.

Fixed issue when printing CC Authorization slips


Fixed bug where PayGo wasn’t following the Rule option in Discount Program setup

Fixed bug where Inventory Entry would be left in paused state which affected duplication of inventory

Added QueryPaymnentLogistics capability to overcome Safari/FileMaker web viewer timeout issue. This feature extends PayGo’s timeout to 2 minutes.

Tweaked Consignment payout scripts to work better with date filters.


Fixed bug when clicking Jump to Item when on Consignment Screen

Fixed bug where PayGo would overwrite default label

Added image support to PayGoCart variants


Fixed bug when checking Gift Card Balance, PayGo would set issued credits as payments.

Fixed bug where searching for gift certificates was not working


Fixed issues with till id and gift certificates

Fixed till closeout printing issues for web direct customers


Modified window sizing when doing an advanced find

Added Item Details and Order Details buttons to PO Creation and Receiving to allow user to toggle viewable fields

Modified Void script

Modified Qty to round down when loading to the web. This allows for the sale of fabric or fractional quantities.

Fixed bug with paygistix cloud credit amount changing when being submitted.

Added FMP 16 support for login and window control


5.6v2 FIXES

Made PayGoCart objects hide if PayGoCart not active

Added steps to improve adding and navigating to coupons


5.6v1 FIXES

Fixed Qty Ordering bug where PayGo was looking at inventory table and not location table.

Updated void and on hold scripts to also update on hand counts.

Fixed Script Missing Error when on Inventory Quick View and clicking on another tab

Fixed issue with Duplicate Inventory on PO

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